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‘Peak Demand’ Is The New ‘Peak Oil’

‘Peak Demand’ Is The New ‘Peak Oil’ thumbnail

Summary The Peak Oil theory sure turned out to be wrong. Drilling technology changed. The conventional wisdom about future oil demand is also wrong. The demand for—and supply of—transportation is the big game-changer. Transportation accounts for almost 75% of oil use in the U.S. and higher MPG is only a part of the solution. Technology […]

Shell holds talks with Iran

Shell holds talks with Iran thumbnail

Royal Dutch Shell executives have recently met with officials in Iran as international oil companies begin to explore the potential of re-entering the country should Western sanctions be lifted. A Shell spokesperson confirmed to The Telegraph that the talks had taken place in Tehran. “They discussed Shell’s outstanding debt to NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company) […]

It may be time to put money under the mattress.

It may be time to put money under the mattress. thumbnail

The manager of one of Britain’s biggest bond funds has urged investors to keep cash under the mattress. Ian Spreadbury, who invests more than £4bn of investors’ money across a handful of bond funds for Fidelity, including the flagship Moneybuilder Income fund, is concerned that a “systemic event” could rock markets, possibly similar in magnitude […]

The World’s Ten Biggest Oil And Gas Companies


From 2005 to 2015, global oil usage has only increased from 83 million to 93 million bpd (1.13% CAGR). However, the overall rate at which the Top 10 has grown production has been at a 1.29% CAGR pace, and their production now makes up about 58% of all global production.  The biggest oil and gas […]

The Dark Side Of The Shale Bust

The Dark Side Of The Shale Bust thumbnail

The fallout of the collapse in oil prices has a lot of side effects apart from the decline of rig counts and oil flows. Oil production in North Dakota has exploded over the last five years, from negligible levels before 2010 to well over a million barrels per day, making North Dakota the second largest oil producing […]

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly When Oil Giants Shift to Natural Gas


Six large European oil and gas companies recently announced a commitment to engage on climate policy, calling for a price on carbon. The now-emerging picture of their coordinated corporate talking points, however, leaves no doubt that promotion of natural gas is a core part of the group’s position. Is this development a beneficial push to help […]

Who Cares How Fast You Can Sell Debt If Borrowers Can’t Repay It

Who Cares How Fast You Can Sell Debt If Borrowers Can’t Repay It thumbnail

What if corporate-bond buyers focused less on how quickly they could trade the stuff and more on the basic question of, are they actually going to get their money back? Because, in a growing number of cases, they may not. While American companies seem to be in good shape based on a historically low default […]

Shell Arctic Spill Contingency Plans In Alaska Survive Challenge


A divided federal appeals court on Thursday rejected an effort by a coalition of environmental groups to revoke federal approval of Royal Dutch Shell Plc’s oil spill response plans related to drilling on Alaska’s remote Arctic coast. By a 2-1 vote, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the Bureau of Safety and Environmental […]

Nat-Gas Glut Means Low Prices Here to Stay


The supply glut from the shale drilling bonanza meant that May was another month when U.S. natural gas production from the Lower 48 states stayed strong. As per the latest report from Bentek Energy – the forecasting unit of Platts – May natural gas production edged down less than 1% from the record highs of […]

Exxon at the crossroads: buy a rival or shrink

Exxon at the crossroads: buy a rival or shrink thumbnail

But the company’s focus on cash distributions to shareholders, and the fact that its oil and gas production is lower now than immediately after Exxon bought Mobil back in 1999, certainly look like evidence that it has given up on long-term revenue growth. Exxon is the world’s largest listed energy group, and like all big […]

Winners and Losers When Oil is $50 a Barrel


Major technological advances in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) have dramatically expanded U.S. oil and gas production. By year-end 2014, U.S. daily crude oil production from shale layers had increased 230 percent over 2010 levels, and total U.S. crude oil production had risen 67 percent. Despite that dramatic, unprecedented growth, the price of West […]

OPEC’s Front Lines in the Shale Fields and Wall Street

OPEC’s Front Lines in the Shale Fields and Wall Street thumbnail

Oil bulls pinning their hopes on tumbleweeds in East Texas may now be peering further south. The argument for oil rebounding after last year’s crash rests largely on cash flow-constrained shale drillers in Texas and other states downing tools. The roughly 30% rally since mid-March in front-month oil futures, to almost $60 a barrel, has […]

Data will replace oil as source of energy

Data will replace oil as source of energy thumbnail

The manufacturing industry of the future will not need oil because data will become the world’s largest source of energy, says Alibaba founder and executive chair Jack Ma. Ma, 50, made the comments Tuesday at the opening of 2015 Big Data Expo in Guiyang, the capital of southwest China’s Guizhou province. Responding to criticism that […]

Venezuela and Russia agree on $14 billion oil investment

Venezuela and Russia agree on $14 billion oil investment thumbnail

Venezuela and Russia’s top oil producer, Rosneft, have agreed on around $14 billion in investment in the South American OPEC country’s oil and gas sector, President Nicolas Maduro said. Maduro met the chief executive of state-owned Rosneft, Igor Sechin, on Wednesday, in the company of the president of state oil company PDVSA [PDVSA.UL], Eulogio del […]

Oil prices hit struggling oil companies

Oil prices hit struggling oil companies thumbnail

Low oil prices are endangering an increasing number of exploration and production companies. According to a new report from Moody’s Investors Service, the oil and gas industry could see the rate of defaults rise over the next year. The companies in danger of going belly up, not surprisingly, are the ones that already have low […]

The world is drowning in debt


The world is sinking under too much debt and an ageing global population means countries’ debt piles are in danger of growing out of control, the European chief executive of Goldman Sachs Asset Management has warned. Andrew Wilson, head of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), said growing debt piles around the world posed one […]

How Gen Y Will Change the Face of Oil, Gas

How Gen Y Will Change the Face of Oil, Gas thumbnail

During the downturn of the 1980s and 1990s, the oil and gas industry suffered from a drastically low influx of talent. As a result, the sector is now left with two dominant age demographics: Baby Boomers and Gen Y, also known as millennials. As many Boomers prepare to retire, the industry is set to retain […]

Hedge funds are in love with crude oil

Hedge funds are in love with crude oil thumbnail

Hedge funds love crude oil. Oil prices are recovering from the crash, and hedge funds have made big bets that oil prices will keep rallying. According to a report from Societe Generale, hedge funds are most bullish on crude oil among major commodities, or betting that the price of oil will rise. Overall, hedge funds […]

Doomsaying Falls on Ears Deafened by Latest Oil Rally


  Money manager David Einhorn’s doomsday outlook for shale oil drillers so far is failing to resonate with investors. A pessimistic assessment of the industry by the president of Greenlight Capital Inc. on Monday briefly shook the stock of the companies Einhorn targeted, dropping EOG Resources Inc. by as much as 2.8 percent after he […]

How Shale Is Becoming The Dot-Com Bubble Of The 21st Century


As I review the financials of one of the largest shale producers in the United States, Whiting Petroleum (WLL), I can’t help but notice the parallels to the .COM era of 1999 which, to some extent, has already returned to the technology and biotech sectors of today. Back then, the faster you burned cash to […]

The bottom is in for oil prices

The bottom is in for oil prices thumbnail

Traders think the decline in oil prices is over. A report from Bloomberg News on Sunday said traders had pulled their bets that oil prices would fall further at the “fastest pace on record,” citing data from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or CFTC. And according to John Kilduff at Again Capital, who spoke to […]

The Last Two Oil Crashes Show Peak Oil Is Real


Summary Recent oil crashes show you the hard floor for gauging value oil company equities. Properly understood, the crashes lend an insight into the concept of Peak Oil. All oil equity investors should understand the overarching upward trend on display here. PLEASE NOTE: ALL prices used in this article are using current 2015 dollars, inflation […]

The Disintegration of the World

The Disintegration of the World thumbnail

Leon Trotsky is not often invoked as a management guru, but a line frequently attributed to him would surely resonate with many business leaders today. “You may not be interested in war,” the Bolshevik revolutionary is said to have warned, “but war is interested in you.” War, or at least geopolitics, is figuring more and […]

How Much Does It Cost To Produce 1 Barrel Of Oil?


Summary The profit of any oil company depends on the costs it needs to produce 1 barrel of oil, technically spoken 1 barrel of oil equivalent (boe). Many European companies are pure oil producers and give direct clues about production costs of that commodity. In 2014, the European upstream industry did rather well, but it […]

Oil Executives Circle Iran

Oil Executives Circle Iran thumbnail

International sanctions have yet to be lifted on Iran, but Western oil executives this past week showed an appetite for doing business there at a stately hotel a few blocks from the Danube River. A little-publicized conference, the South Caspian Region Petroleum & Energy 2015 Summit, drew energy executives from Houston and London to Vienna […]

More Thoughts on the Current Oil Market

More Thoughts on the Current Oil Market thumbnail

WTI surged to close at $56.01 a barrel on Wednesday, while Brent closed at $62.86 after the US crude oil inventories showed a ‘less-than-expected increase’. The latest weekly inventory (week ending April 10) from EIA showed an increase of 1.3 million barrels, much less than the 10.9 million barrels of build from the previous week. […]

Oil Bulls Boost Wagers


Speculators increased bullish oil bets by the most in more than four years, wagering that the U.S. production boom is slowing. Hedge funds boosted net-long positions on West Texas Intermediate crude by 30 percent in the seven days ended April 7, the biggest jump since October 2010, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission data show. Long […]

Peaked Oil?


Peak Oil is back at least for now! U.S. oil futures soared after he Energy Information Administration (EIA) acknowledged that U.S. oil output will fall despite earlier predictions to the contrary only to fall back after the American Petroleum Institute reported a 12.2 million barrel increase in crude oil supply. The market seemed to ignore […]

The world’s largest oil companies are about to start devouring each other

The world’s largest oil companies are about to start devouring each other thumbnail

It was only a matter of time. The Wall Street Journal reports that international oil giant Royal Dutch Shell is in talks to buy BG Group, a giant shipper of natural gas with extensive holdings in Brazil’s oil fields. It may be the opening shot of a consolidation war that many have been expecting. The reason, […]

Big Guns Still Betting On Oil Comeback In 2015


Surprisingly, the flow of crude oil is still accelerating, much like the money going into crude oil funds. Three of the largest crude oil funds include USO, OIL, and UCO. UCO is unique due to the fact that it’s an exchange-traded fund that uses leverage, mostly in the form of derivatives, to correspond to twice […]

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