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Don’t Worry, Monsanto Has Plans to Feed the World

Don’t Worry, Monsanto Has Plans to Feed the World thumbnail

The 4,400 acres Dustin Spears farms with his father-in-law stretch for 50 miles across northern Illinois in an archipelago of disconnected, mostly rented plots. Even in the best of circumstances, it’s a race to get the corn in the ground in time to take advantage of the full growing season. When spring is unusually cold and […]

CEO Of One Of The World’s Largest Energy Majors “Sees No Reason For Petrodollar”

CEO Of One Of The World’s Largest Energy Majors “Sees No Reason For Petrodollar” thumbnail

The USA is fast running out of friends to support its ‘exorbitant privelege’. Having alienated the Germans over NSA-eavesdropping, ‘boomerang’d the Russians into de-dollarization, tariffed and quantitatively eased China into diversification, and finally ‘punished’ France into discussing the dollar’s demise; it appears no lessor person than the CEO of Total (the world’s 13th biggest oil […]

Harvest the fruits of the land


The growing world population and potential return from crops has made farmland very attractive Farmland as an investment has traditionally been the preserve of wealthy families, more recently attracting interest from institutional investors and pension funds as they look to income producing real assets that can match their liabilities. Supply and demand is shifting and […]

The Real Significance Behind That Oil Export Hoopla


There was a lot of hoopla last week over the news that the U.S. Department of Commerce had seemingly loosened rules governing the export of condensate — light weight hydrocarbons recovered from oil and gas wells. The excitement was palpable; shares in oil refiners sold off. Was this the start of the big policy shift […]

Russian Hackers Targeting Oil and Gas Companies


Russian hackers have been systematically targeting hundreds of Western oil and gas companies, as well as energy investment firms, according to private cybersecurity researchers. The motive behind the attacks appears to be industrial espionage — a natural conclusion given the importance of Russia’s oil and gas industry, the researchers said. The manner in which the […]

You can’t build a future on finite energy sources


Every few years we are informed that we are approaching ‘peak oil’ – the point at which maximum petroleum extraction is reached. And then new sources are found in previously unexplored areas like Greenland and the Artic, or as if by magic the new extractive technique of fracking appears to offer some relief. So, ‘panic […]

America’s Oil Weapon: The Automobile

America’s Oil Weapon: The Automobile thumbnail

Higher oil prices threaten the U.S. economy, but not like they used to. North Dakota is a reason for that. Changes in America’s car industry and driving habits are bigger ones. Amid sectarian violence in Iraq, oil prices have risen, and it isn’t hard to imagine them going higher. That is unwelcome for a U.S. […]

Jim Puplavas Big Picture: Peak Oil Delayed But Not Resolved


Also, OPECs New Competition and Missing the Boat Jims first topic on the Big Picture this week is Peak Oil Delayed but Not Resolved. Jim lays out the issue of Peak Oil in depth, and quotes studies…

Peak Oil’s Revenge


A slew of events over the past few months have driven the price of oil higher. The ISIS incursion in Iraq has set up the entire Middle East for a multinational civil war. It’s not hard to envision a reign of destruction across the Arab Peninsula to the oil producing regions of Iran. Russia, the […]

Gazprom Ready To Drop Dollar, Settle China Contracts In Yuan Or Rubles


A little over a month ago, when Russia announced the much anticipated “Holy Grail” energy deal with China, some were disappointed that despite this symbolic agreement meant to break the petrodollar’s stranglehold on the rest of the world, neither Russia nor China announced payment terms to be in anything but dollars. In doing so they […]

In A World Of Oil Terrorism, Natural Gas Storage Is Crucial


The past few weeks have changed the dynamics driving the global crude oil market. For most of the past couple of years, a principle reason why global oil prices have been elevated is that oil production disruptions, primarily in the Middle East and Africa, have kept a significant volume of supply off the market, putting […]

The Real Reason Shell Halted Its Ukrainian Shale Operations


Royal Dutch Shell has blamed air strikes by the government in Kiev against its own citizens in southern Ukraine as the reason it decided to declare a halt to its shale oil projects in the troubled region. In reality, the truth may be closer to the fact that company is disappointed with the economic viability […]

LNG: The Long, Strategic Play for Europe: Interview with Robert Bensh


Liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe isn’t a get-rich-quick scenario for the impatient investor: It’s a long, strategic play for the sophisticated investor who can handle no small amount of politics and geopolitics along the way. When it comes to Europe, Russia’s strategy to divide and conquer has worked so far, but Gazprom is a […]

Putin Advisor Proposes “Anti-Dollar Alliance”


It has been a while since both Ukraine, and the ongoing Russian response to western sanctions (which set off the great Eurasian axis in motion, pushing China and Russia close together, and accelerating the “Holy Grail” gas deal between the two countries) have made headlines. It is still not clear just why the western media […]

IEA Says North America to Be a Products Titan


So Peak Oil is dead, yeah? Well, to a point. The Financial Times editorializes that while the “bell-curve” theory of production has been broadly disproved, the oil price remains stubbornly high because Peakists were right about the easy oil having been already found and drilled. North America is on course to produce 20% of the […]

Growing Global Population Drives Food Industry Mergers


The global population’s growing appetite for high protein foods and products are seen as the driving force behind food industry mergers, the Wall Street Journal reported. The report stated China, the country which has the biggest population in the world, is consuming more meat and dairy products, while in the United States, healthy conscious consumers […]

Cheap Oil is Gone Forever

Cheap Oil is Gone Forever thumbnail

Sixty years ago, a man stood in front of a crowd that had gathered at a small hotel in San Antonio. Minutes before approaching the podium, however, he was quietly ushered off the stage to take an urgent phone call. On the other end of the line was a PR rep for one of the […]

“This Is A Trend”: Increasingly More Russian Companies Set To Drop Dollar, Switch To Chinese Yuan


As we have been reporting (and forecasting for the past several years), the Eurasian anti-US Dollar axis is rapidly taking shape, with recent events catalyzed and certainly accelerated by US foreign policy in Ukraine, which has merely succeeded in pushing Russia that much closer, and faster, to China. The latest proof of this came overnight […]

Energy Deathmatch: Oil Versus Natural Gas

Energy Deathmatch: Oil Versus Natural Gas thumbnail

The media loves to hate on coal right now. And the latest news about Obama wanting to massively cut carbon emissions at fossil fuel-burning power plants certainly isn’t helping. Don’t listen to the pundits. Coal isn’t going away anytime soon. Not with more than 40% of the world’s energy still being provided from coal generation. […]

Pemex, Mexico’s state oil giant, braces for a the country’s new energy landscape

Pemex, Mexico’s state oil giant, braces for a the country’s new energy landscape thumbnail

When Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto arrived at the March rally, he was greeted like a rock star. Hundreds of local residents and employees of Petróleos Mexicanos had gathered in the state of Veracruz to celebrate the 1938 expropriation of foreign oil wells and the founding of Pemex. The workers, dressed in white shirts and […]

Canada Aims to Sell Its Oil Beyond US

Canada Aims to Sell Its Oil Beyond US thumbnail

Last fall, Canadian oil producer Husky Energy Inc. sent a batch of crude on a journey to India. It was just a drop in a sea of global oil transactions, but a step toward reshaping North American energy trading. The million-barrel shipment to Indian Oil Corp. 530965.BY +1.54% , described by Husky as a test […]

The peak-oil plateau and what it means for investors

The peak-oil plateau and what it means for investors thumbnail

Jim Rogers is one of the best-known commodity investors of our time. He correctly predicted the collapse of the stock-market bubble at the end of the 1990s and the rise of commodity prices in the 2000s. One of Roger’s mantras was that oil prices would rise substantially due to a lack of new discoveries. That […]

2014: Peak Oil Sands Investment?

2014: Peak Oil Sands Investment? thumbnail

Does the shelving of the Total SA Joslyn mine signal that the recent wave of oil sands investment has peaked? This past week, Total SA And their business partners decided to shelve the Joslyn Mine project, which places $11 bn in oil sands investment into the “unlikely” category. As an economist, I always look at other […]

Renminbi use surges in home of US dollar


It is the monetary equivalent of what Chairman Mao called “bombarding the headquarters”. China’s renminbi is rapidly displacing the US dollar as a trading currency not only in Asia and Europe but now also in the US home market. The value of renminbi payments between the US and the rest of the world rose by […]

The Promise of Mexican Oil

The Promise of Mexican Oil thumbnail

The miracles of modern engineering and, specifically, fracking and deepwater drilling are rapidly changing the risk-reward assessments of petroleum investment. When OPEC members meet in Vienna next week, the organization is scheduled to offer its latest assessment of global demand and projected production. And closer to home, U.S. oil titans are aligning with Mexico’s Pemex […]

BP And Royal Dutch Shell After Peak Oil

BP And Royal Dutch Shell After Peak Oil thumbnail

The oil industry used to be a no-brainer investment. There seemed to be an infinite supply of oil, and with more and more people owning cars, demand — and thus oil prices — were rocketing. This meant that oil companies would be booming. But has anyone asked the question: what happens when the oil runs […]

Canada’s high-cost oil and gas needs a competitive game plan


Canadian oil and gas companies will be competing head to head with lower-cost energy producers in the near future, and the country needs a better strategy to remain competitive in a post peak-oil world. According to a PwC report released May 30, Canada has four options when it comes to the future of oil and […]

Food Replacing Oil as China M&A Target of Choice

Food Replacing Oil as China M&A Target of Choice thumbnail

After spending the past decade and more than $200 billion acquiring mines and oilfields from Australia to Argentina, China’s attention is turning to food. The world’s most populous nation is confronting a harsh reality: For every additional bushel of wheat or pound of beef the world produces, China will need almost half of that to […]

Exxon, BP Defy White House; Extend Partnership with Russia


Several of the largest oil companies in the world are doubling down in Russia despite moves by the West to isolate Russia and its economy. ExxonMobil and BP separately signed agreements with Rosneft – Russia’s state-owned oil company – to extend and deepen their relationships for energy exploration. The U.S. slapped sanctions on Rosneft’s CEO […]

Big Oil Spending More, Getting Less in Production


Despite increased spending, oil majors are seeing flat or declining production as they struggle to replace reserves, according to a recent analyst report. Exxon Mobil Corp., Chevron Corp., Royalty Dutch Shell plc and BP plc recorded declines in their 2013 production. ExxonMobil reported an average production of 4,175 million barrels of oil equivalent per day […]

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