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Banks expected to share tiny proportion of mammoth Saudi Aramco IPO

Banks expected to share tiny proportion of mammoth Saudi Aramco IPO thumbnail

The banks that will advise and execute Saudi Aramco’s stock market listing are expected to share a tiny proportion of the $100 billion Riyadh hopes to raise in its initial public offering, according to banking sources and industry insiders. Investment banks involved in the listing IPO-ARMO.SE are expected to share a fifth of a percent […]

Buy Oil, Make Money


The last time I got into a row over oil prices with Christian DeHaemer, the U.S. oil industry was in a far different state. It was years ago, before the Bakken in North Dakota became a household name. Back then, our shouting matches would reach a crescendo in the office, and he just happened to […]

Texas oil tycoon Pickens closing energy hedge fund

Texas oil tycoon Pickens closing energy hedge fund thumbnail

Oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens is throwing in the towel on his energy focused hedge fund after a 22-year-long “roller coaster ride.” “It’s no secret the past year has not been good to me, from a health perspective or a financial one,” Pickens wrote in a Linkedin post Friday, referring to the series of strokes […]

Five oil market myths that need dispelling


The oil market has come to be defined by several narratives over the past couple of years: market rebalancing, OPEC versus shale, Russia’s delicate relationship with OPEC, OPEC’s conformity with production cuts with the latest deal extension running to end of 2018 and shale’s resilience to lower prices. But these frameworks have created a narrow ideology that could […]

China Is About To Shake Up Oil Futures


The “huge story”, as Graticule’s Adam Levinson called it, will, it appears, be a “wake up call” for the West that seems to happily be ignoring this potential bombshell that is China’s looming launch of domestic oil futures trading. Additionally, Levison warns Washington that besides serving as a hedging tool for Chinese companies, the contract will aid a broader Chinese government agenda […]

BP Expects U.S. Earnings Uplift From Tax Reform


Oil giant BP will take a one-off $1.5 billion charge to adjust to new U.S. tax rules, joining rival Royal Dutch Shell and other companies, but expects a long-term boost from the corporate-friendly tax rates, it said on Tuesday. The massive $1.5 trillion tax overhaul that U.S. President Donald Trump signed into law last month […]

Why water will become the world’s most important asset


“Water will eventually become the single most important physical commodity-based asset class, dwarfing oil, copper, agricultural commodities and precious metals”. That was economist and ex-Bank of England MPC member Willem Buiter more than six years ago. You could say he was a bit early in his forecast. While water is vital for life, it hasn’t […]

Oil and gold looking a little bit more “normal” as 2017 draws to a close

Oil and gold looking a little bit more “normal” as 2017 draws to a close thumbnail

A few weeks ago in London, at a pre-conference dinner before the Platts Digital Commodities Summit, the conversation naturally turned to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and the rejection – and disdain – that many supporters of the entire crypto movement have for what are known as “fiat currencies.” Most people know fiat currencies as everything […]

A lesson for Aramco


IF you have ever wondered what national oil companies are for, one of the bigger ones offers this pithy take on the cover of its annual report: This isn’t strange; national oil companies, or NOCs in industry parlance, are often their country’s biggest corporate entity, employer and source of public revenue. The question is what […]

Tesla lines up buyers for electric semi-truck


PepsiCo is the latest company to go public with preliminary plans to buy electric semi-trucks from Tesla, which recently unveiled a rig with plans to begin production in 2019. Why it matters: While these are not final transactions, the announcements by major companies represent something of a corporate vote of confidence in Tesla despite its […]

Saudi Aramco plans for a life after oil

Saudi Aramco plans for a life after oil thumbnail

Rising from the desert like a metallic oasis, the Sadara chemicals plant in Saudi Arabia’s eastern province is a labyrinth of pipes, tanks and furnaces covering an area three times the size of Monaco and made with enough steel to build the Golden Gate bridge twice. The $20bn project, completed in September, is the largest […]

How to Launder $1 Billion of Iranian Oil

How to Launder $1 Billion of Iranian Oil thumbnail

Looking nervous and somber, the FBI’s star witness entered from the lockup and shuffled across the New York federal courtroom in a beige prison smock. The Turkish-Iranian gold trader took a seat at the witness stand for the hearing on Nov. 29, the second day of testimony in a money laundering and sanctions-evasion case brought […]

GE, Baker Merger Will Redefine Process Of Oil And Gas E&P

GE, Baker Merger Will Redefine Process Of Oil And Gas E&P thumbnail

The NovaLT suite of products is designed to supplement an increasing trend for distributed power generation closer to the point of consumption. With efficiency between 80% and 90% in cogeneration applications, BHGE’s NovaLT family of gas turbines represent an advanced solution to produce heat and power. The modular built of the NovaLT16 significantly reduces customized […]

Beware of the Dip: Oil Prices Could Go Lower


The spike in oil prices since August provides U.S. producers an attractive opportunity to hedge their 2018 capital program. With a typical lag, it will likely result in an acceleration in U.S. oil production growth starting 2Q18. Coupled with a seasonal dip in global demand in 1Q18, which will cause sizable excess oil inventories to […]

Financial Carnage Continues To Gut Industry


As the Mainstream media reports about the next phase of the glorious U.S. Shale Oil Revolution, the financial carnage continues to gut the industry deep down inside the entrails of its horizontal laterals.  The stench of fracking fluid must be driving shale oil advocates utterly insane as they are no longer able to see financial wreckage […]

Peak oil? Majors aren’t buying into the threat from renewables


Two decades ago, BP set out to transcend oil, adopting a sunburst logo to convey its plans to pour $8 billion over a decade into renewable technologies, even promising to power its gas stations with the sun. FILE PHOTO – A combination of file photos shows the logos of five of the largest publicly traded […]

Oil Tycoons Make Billions In Saudi Purge


Oil tycoons are applauding Saudi Arabia’s recent anti-corruption raid, which has boosted the net worth of the world’s 21 largest oil tycoons by $1.4 billion, according to Bloomberg. The boost came on the back of increased crude prices as reports of the arrests emerged. The net worth of Saudi investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, on […]

Oil’s $1 Trillion Question


How much is Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest energy company, actually worth? If it wasn’t a sales pitch, it really sounded like one. “Aramco is by far the lowest-cost producer,” said Khalid al-Falih, the Saudi oil minister, at the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh. The October gathering, dubbed “Davos in the desert,” brought together a […]

In Today’s Oil Market, It’s America Last


America is, as you know, a bit different from the rest of the world. Lately, this exceptionalism has been more noticeable than usual in the oil market: It isn’t just the outright price where a gap has opened up. The shape of the futures curves — how barrels for delivery down the road are being priced […]

The Fragile Gold Industry.


This article is reposted from Steve Rocco’s website with the kind permission of the author. It illustrates a typical theme of the “Cassandra’s Legacy” blog, the fact that all human enterprises are dynamic; they evolve, change, and adapt to the challenges generated by the environment.  In particular, the mining industry follows a typical dynamic cycle […]

Saudi Arabia Oil Minister Says Full Aramco IPO on Track for 2018


Saudi Arabia is still aiming to complete both international and domestic portions of the initial public offering of its state oil company in 2018, Oil Minister Khalid Al-Falih said Tuesday. Asked whether both parts of the IPO will happen next year, Al-Falih said: “Yes of course; it is on track.” He declined to answer questions […]

Have the US passed peak shale?


The worm is turning for the crude oil price and American petroleum’s latest reporting season will likely announce a telling maturation of the US shale industry according to Woodside Petroleum chief executive, Peter Coleman. “The market is feeling pretty positive and we think there will be strengthening of crude prices before the end of the […]

Junk Borrowing Binge Benefits Wall Street Above All


Junk-rated companies are selling loads of debt again. They’re issuing dollar-denominated bonds at the fastest pace this month since October 2012. October Surge This month’s U.S. junk-bond sales are poised to be the fastest for an October since 2012 Source: Bloomberg Note: Blue bar is monthly volume 2012-2016, MTD 2017. Yellow bar is conservative projection. This […]

Saudi Aramco Reportedly Shelves IPO In “Face-Saving” Move

Saudi Aramco Reportedly Shelves IPO In “Face-Saving” Move thumbnail

We noted a month ago that the long-awaited Saudi Aramco IPO, scheduled for mid-2018, could be delayed to 2019, but now, according to The FT, Aramco is considering shelving plans for an IPO altogether in favor of a private share sale to the world’s biggest sovereign wealth funds. The FT notes that talks about a […]

As Good as It Gets


It’s easy to get lulled into complacency by synchronized global growth, easy financial conditions and super-low economic and financial market volatility. Yet, while the current macro environment and outlook appear better than many of the younger market participants can remember, the last time a similar combination prevailed was in 2006 – and that didn’t end […]

No More Free Lunch Is the Big Change Under Way in the Oil Market


For years, investors have played Popeye to the energy industry’s Wimpy, the cartoon character famous for his “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today” motto. In return for the promise of future profits, they’ve funded loss-making energy producers and explorers through a generous mix of loans, bonds and equity. That may be changing, […]

Saudi Aramco Plans ‘Mega Investment’ in World’s Top Oil Guzzler


Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil giant has “mega investment” plans for the world’s fastest growing oil market, according to Saudi Arabian Oil Co.’s chief executive officer. The company, popularly known as Saudi Aramco, plans to create a fully integrated business in India and is interested in partnering with Indian companies, including in a planned large refinery […]

ExxonMobil Dethroned As Top Energy Company


Gazprom dethroned ExxonMobil as the top energy company in the world, according to the 2017 S&P Global Platts Top 250 Global Energy Company Rankings. The rankings measure the financial performance of energy firms on four key metrics: asset worth, revenues, profits, and return on invested capital. The list only includes companies that have assets greater […]

Aramco IPO to go ahead in 2018

Aramco IPO to go ahead in 2018 thumbnail

Saudi Finance Minister Mohammed al-Jadaan told bond investors during a presentation on Monday that the initial public offering (IPO) of Saudi state oil giant Aramco will proceed as planned in 2018, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters. Aramco has previously said the listing remained “on track” after a report that the oil company was […]

The Financial Collapse is Coming, So You Better Know What You’re Doing


Despite a week that included President Trump threatening to “totally destroy North Korea,” devastating hurricanes, monstrous earthquakes hitting Mexico and uncertainty with the Federal Reserve unwinding its massive balance sheet – famed investor Jim Rogers says the worst is yet to come. “Last week was not the end of the world because the market is […]

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