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Shell shakes up oil trading world with brash buying sprees

Shell shakes up oil trading world with brash buying sprees thumbnail

The giant tankers anchored along the Scottish coast in the Firth of Forth weren’t going anywhere. They were just providing floating storage because there was no demand for their cargo, North Sea crude oil. But the flickering computer screens in the world’s trading rooms told a different story. Prices through the month of April were jumping, […]

Saudi Aramco Favors New York for IPO


Saudi Arabia is leaning toward listing its giant, state-run oil company in New York, having soured on the idea of floating its shares on an Asian stock exchange, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday citing people familiar with the matter. The world’s largest oil company is also considering listing its stock in London or Toronto, according […]

Peak Supermajors


Hey everybody, Last Sunday I put together a quick presentation on the most recent oil & gas production data for the “supermajors” (Shell, Total, BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil):   Introduction Today I would like to introduce my “Peak Supermajors” project. The goal of this project is to answer the question “when will we reach peak oil” […]

A Bloodbath Looms Over Oil Markets


Oil prices have traded reliably in the $50s per barrel since OPEC agreed to cut production last November, but having failed to break through a ceiling in the upper-$50s, crude prices are in danger of falling back again. The oil market had wind in its sails on expectations of substantial drawdowns in inventories following the […]

Re-evaluating Crude Oil Speculative Positioning


Over the past year it is amusing how quickly market sentiment has gone from “crude oil will never rise again” to “better buy oil because of, well, just put your reason in here… there are too many to list.” The always great Joe Weisenthal from Bloomberg News had a great tweet that summed up the […]

Shell to Sell UK North Sea Oil Fields for $3.8 Billion


Royal Dutch Shell PLC capped off a flurry of deals in January with sales in Thailand and the North Sea worth nearly $5 billion, marking important milestones in the oil giant’s move to unload $30 billion in assets. WSJ

Chris Nelder: Green Bonds


What are green bonds, and how can they help mobilize private capital to fund energy transition and climate change mitigation measures? What kinds of things can green bonds be used to fund? What are the various roles for private, corporate, and sovereign issuers? Why does the green bond market need to grow by roughly 10x […]

Saudi Aramco Selects U.S. Firms To Audit Its Reserves For IPO


State oil giant Saudi Aramco has tasked two U.S. industry leaders in oil reserves auditing to review the content of its deposits as it pushes ahead with a share listing next year, industry sources said on Thursday. Aramco, whose fields are estimated to contain 15 percent of the world’s oil, has asked a unit of oilservices firm Baker Hughes – Gaffney, […]

Kyle Bass: Short China, Long Russia ‘Good Place to Start’


Hayman Capital Management CIO Kyle Bass discusses President Trump’s tax proposals, border tax adjustability, the Chinese banking system and U.S. trade relations with China. He speaks with Erik Schatzker on “Bloomberg Markets.”

Saudi Arabia’s giant oil IPO on track for 2018


The world’s biggest oil company, Saudi Aramco, is still planning to go public next year. “We’re still looking at 2018 and no change in our plan to deliver in that time,” Aramco CEO Amin Nasser told CNNMoney’s John Defterios at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Saudi Arabia revealed plans to sell part of its […]

Exxon Bets Big on American Oil

Exxon Bets Big on American Oil thumbnail

Exxon Mobil (XOM) has joined a growing list of oil producers who are expanding in the Permian Basin of Texas, betting that America’s shale boom is far from over. The world’s largest publicly traded oil company inked a deal with the Bass family of Fort Worth, Texas, to double its footprint in the Permian. Exxon […]

How Powerful Is Big Oil?

How Powerful Is Big Oil? thumbnail

President-elect Donald Trump sparked controversy by appointing the CEO of ExxonMobil, Rex Tillerson, as his Secretary of State. Many fear that including the oil industry in his emerging administration could affect US foreign policy and undo years of environmental policy gains. But the fossil fuel industry is one of the most powerful global industries and […]

The Future Of Oil And Gas? Look To The Past

The Future Of Oil And Gas? Look To The Past thumbnail

In the early days of 2017, it behooves oil and gas companies to reflect on the past, while making plans robust to an uncertain future outlook. There are several questions that should be asked: Where are we in the oil and gas price cycles? How will politics and policies affect the business outlook? What are […]

Oil at $65 Per Barrel? Energy Pros Hopeful In 2017

Oil at $65 Per Barrel? Energy Pros Hopeful In 2017 thumbnail

With OPEC production plans in place and new leadership advancing to the White House, the oil and gas industry left 2016 less weary than it started the year, and more hopeful for 2017. When Rigzone talked with a panel of experts at the end of 2015, the downturn’s end was nowhere in sight. Oil prices […]

KunstlerCast — Byron King of Rickard’s Gold Investor


Today I’m chewing the gristle of finance with Byron King. Byron is a geologist who currently writes a newsletter, in association with economist Jim Rickards, entitled Rickards Gold Speculator with Byron King.  It’s published by Agora Financial, of Baltimore,  Over the course if his career, Byron worked in the oil industry, and has had […]

2017: The Year of the Oil Majors


In a few days, Rex Tillerson, chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil (2.3mn b/d of oil produced in 2015) that “has vast experience at dealing successfully with all types of foreign governments”[1] should be appointed US secretary of state. I believe once in office, Donald Trump, who wants to focus on America, could send Rex Tillerson, […]

Oil in 2017: Where Do Prices Go Next?


Charles Newsome, wealth and investment divisional director at Investec, and Bloomberg’s Will Kennedy discuss the outlook for oil prices, the battle between OPEC and U.S. shale producers and U.S. crude inventories. They speak to Bloomberg’s Anna Edwards and Yousef Gamal El-Din on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe.” Bloomberg

Why Saudi Arabia Is Likely to Postpone a Huge Oil Company IPO

Why Saudi Arabia Is Likely to Postpone a Huge Oil Company IPO thumbnail

Saudi Arabia’s oil producer, Saudi Aramco, is its crown jewel. And jewels ought not to be given away too freely. The company’s initial public offering was meant to be the centerpiece of a new economic strategy designed to wean the country off its dependence on crude oil exports. But rising oil prices could make that […]

The Prince and the Martian: An Energy Fable

The Prince and the Martian: An Energy Fable thumbnail

At first glance, Mohammed bin Salman, Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, and Elon Musk, clean-tech mogul and budding red-planet pioneer, couldn’t be more different. Prince Mohammed is an aristocrat in a country where women can’t drive, but which relies for its wealth on many women, and men, driving everywhere else. Musk, meanwhile, runs a California company […]

Chevron Announces Sale of Geothermal Operations

Chevron Announces Sale of Geothermal Operations thumbnail

Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) announced that its wholly-owned subsidiaries have entered into a sales and purchase agreement with Star Energy Consortium to sell Chevron’s Indonesian and Philippines Geothermal assets. “These assets deliver reliable energy to support the needs of Asia-Pacific’s growing economies,” said Jay Johnson, executive vice president, Upstream, Chevron Corporation.  “This sale is aligned […]

Get Ready for the Great Oil Bust of 2017


Shawn Driscoll has been ahead of the curve when it comes to oil prices. In the first half of 2014, Driscoll—the portfolio manager of the T. Rowe Price New Era fund, which focuses on natural resources—began positioning the fund more defensively to reflect his belief that commodities had entered a secular bear market. He bolstered […]

We Need to Accept That Oil Is a Dying Industry


The future is not good for oil, no matter which way you look at it. A new OPEC deal designed to return the global oil industry to profitability will fail to prevent its ongoing march toward trillion dollar debt defaults, according to a new report published by a Washington group of senior global banking executives. […]

EIA’s Lack Of Math And Logic Skills Makes For An Interesting Investment Environment


Summary EIA recently released the 2016 Annual Energy Outlook. I look at EIA’s past projections and compare with reality. What does this mean for an Energy Investor? Every year EIA releases an Annual Energy Outlook. Here are the projections from the 2016 EIA Annual Energy Outlook expressed as a percent of total power generation. Source […]

Inevitable Global Ruin: Top Hedge Fund Managers Sound the Alarm

Inevitable Global Ruin: Top Hedge Fund Managers Sound the Alarm thumbnail

When monetary control is centralized, as it is today, prosperity withers. The Wall Street Journal just surveyed top hedge fund managers and found a significant belief that full-fledged, global ruin is on its way. Tamper with freedom, monetarily or otherwise, and you end up facing catastrophe. That’s just where we are today. The managers pointed […]

Start-Up Bets on Bumble Bees to Solve Global Food Shortage

Start-Up Bets on Bumble Bees to Solve Global Food Shortage thumbnail

The world’s population is exploding and is expected to reach 10 billion people in 2050. Global farmers can’t keep up with demand, raising fears that the world could face a food shortage, and more people are relying on controversial GMOs to feed themselves as a result. Bee Vectoring Technologies (BVT), a Canadian based start-up with […]

Shell Inks Oil Deal With Iran

Shell Inks Oil Deal With Iran thumbnail

Royal Dutch Shell has signed a provisional agreement to develop oil and gas fields in Iran, a move that could signal energy companies will not be deterred from doing business with the Islamic Republic despite uncertainty whether a Trump administration will scrap a nuclear deal agreed to by world powers. A spokesman for Shell said […]

Peak Oil – From Global Catastrophe to Global Opportunity


Modern economics is a matter of supply and demand. And when it comes to ‘peak oil’, it’s the difference between catastrophe and opportunity. Since the early 20th Century, scientists, experts, and economists have been predicting the manifestation of ‘peak oil’. For years, many people viewed ‘peak oil’ as a herald of global catastrophe, and the end of major […]

Australian Energy bosses called to crisis talks on gas threat


Greg Hunt has summoned the nation’s leading energy executives to Melbourne for crisis talks today on looming gas shortages that are causing spiralling prices and threaten manufacturing jobs. The Industry Minister will use the meeting to increase pressure on the Victorian and NSW governments to ease restrictions on gas exploration and development that has tightened […]

Justin Fox on Peak Demand For Oil


Bloomberg View columnist Justin Fox present a commentary arguing that Peak demand for oil is the big new thing. True, the International Energy Agency, in the annual World Energy Outlook it released earlier this month, didn’t envision a peak coming before 2040. Others think the big day is coming much sooner. This commentary aired on […]

Big Corn beats Big Oil as US hikes 2017 biofuel targets


The U.S. government will require energy companies to use a record amount of biofuel next year, a victory for Midwest farmers that supply ethanol makers over oil firms that say using more biofuels in gasoline and diesel is costly and unachievable. The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program, signed into law by President George W. Bush […]

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