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Energy market disruption is underway

Alternative Energy

An unprecedented wave of disruptions is facing energy and mining commodity markets. We have already seen environmental policy, socioeconomic changes and technological innovation kick off a major transition to low- or zero-carbon technologies. With the Paris Agreement targets set, governments are reinforcing their focus on meeting their greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals. This comes at […]

EIA Forecasts Growth in World Nuclear Electricity Capacity

Alternative Energy

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, International Energy Outlook 2017 Reference case. Note: OECD is the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. EIA’s International Energy Outlook 2017 (IEO2017) projects that global nuclear capacity will grow at an average annual rate of 1.6% from 2016 through 2040, led predominantly by countries outside of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). EIA expects China […]

No More Blackouts?

Alternative Energy

Many rural communities are turning to microgrids, small-scale power systems that supply local energy, typically in the form of solar power, to localized consumers, such as individual households or small villages. Image: MIT News Today, more than 1.3 billion people are living without regular access to power, including more than 300 million in India and […]

Fusing Heavy Quarks Can Produce 10 Times More Energy Than Nuclear Fusion

Alternative Energy

assive amount of energy that can spill out into the universe. The fusion of two bottom quarks will produce 138 megaelectronvolts (MeV), which is eight times more powerful than individual nuclear fusion events inside a hydrogen bomb. Is There Reason To Worry About Threats From A Quark Bomb? Researchers, however, said that this kind of […]

Exxon Dedicates New Funding to Green Energy

Alternative Energy

When most people think of green energy supporters, fossil fuel companies rarely spring to mind. It is no secret that there is huge money in oil, and coupled with its complex role in international politics, few are surprised by the desire of energy companies to maintain the status quo. However, warnings regarding climate change and […]

The Era Of Oil And Gas Is Nearing Its End

The Era Of Oil And Gas Is Nearing Its End thumbnail

The history of crude oil and natural gas is a history of technological innovation. Until recently the innovation supported crude oil and natural gas. Now, it challenges it, causing structural changes in the crude oil and natural gas markets. Originally, crude oil was only used for lighting. This changed following the invention of the internal […]

Watch Our New Documentary About the Future of Fusion Energy

Alternative Energy

Every second for the last four-and-a-half billion years, trillions of hydrogen atoms have been converted into helium in the Sun’s core and released an immense amount of energy in the process. This is a process known as nuclear fusion, and figuring out how to harness this source of virtually limitless clean energy on Earth has […]

Energy Efficiency as a Resource: The Power of Getting More from Less

Alternative Energy

A successful transition to a 21st Century Electricity System requires careful consideration of a range of issues that will ultimately redefine the regulatory framework and utility business model while creating new opportunities for third-party providers and customers to contribute to the operation of the electricity system.  In this third in a series published by Utility Dive, AEE […]

California Cars Are Running on Restaurant Grease

Alternative Energy

California’s battle against climate change is being fought more fiercely in fast food restaurants than in Tesla Inc.’s car factory in Fremont. Seven years after the Golden State began offering credits to producers of low-carbon fuels, cities and companies across California are using diesel brewed from fats and oils to fuel everything from fire trucks […]

The war on coal is over. Coal lost.

Alternative Energy

Last week, Trump’s EPA administrator Scott Pruitt announced, “the war on coal is over.” If there ever was a war on coal, the coal industry has lost. According to a new report from the Union of Concerned Scientists, many old American coal power plants are being retired or converted to natural gas, and new coal […]

Can Deep Water Wind Farms Power The World?

Can Deep Water Wind Farms Power The World? thumbnail

Far out to sea, amid the crashing waves of the North Atlantic, there’s a fortune to be made. According to new research, deep water wind farms could produce enough energy to meet all existing and future electricity demand, if properly harnessed. In a study published on October 9 by researchers at the Carnegie Institution for […]

Dr. Eugene Preston Explains Why 100% Renewable Energy Is Unlikely

Alternative Energy

“Is having 100% renewable energy for a country feasible?” This question was recently posed on Thinkable. Dr. Gene Preston, a man who has been professionally specializing in grid reliability studies since his 1997 dissertation on the subject, answers “Exceptionally unlikely.” He doesn’t stop there; his answer includes enough detail to persuade all but the most […]

Italy’s Oil Giant Taps Mediterranean Diet to Turn Fats Into Fuel

Alternative Energy

Each week, Friggi Oil Service pays a visit to Ai Due Otri, a traditional Sardinian restaurant in central Rome, to pick up what’s left in the frying pan. Leftover oil from this and other restaurants is trucked to a collection area just outside the capital. It’s then taken to a refinery operated by Eni SpA, […]

China Study Warns Of Impending Oil Production Peak & World Oil Market Squeeze, + Peak Recoverable Coal ~2020

Alternative Energy

China is rapidly approaching peak fossil fuel extraction according to a new state-funded study led by the China University of Petroleum in Beijing. The study findings include the assertion that China will experience a peak in its total oil production (conventional + unconventional) by as early as 2018. As a result, world oil markets and […]

Debunking the myths about nuclear fusion

Debunking the myths about nuclear fusion thumbnail

This is the third of three reports about the claims by representatives and proponents of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). “The Selling of ITER” published on Jan. 12, 2017. “Former ITER Spokesman Confirms Accuracy of New Energy Times Story” published on Jan. 19, 2017. Abstract (Abstract is Copyleft, duplication permitted but only with attribution […]

The Way Towards Economic Decarbonization: A New Energy Reality

Alternative Energy

Since 2014, the International Energy Agency has been observing a remarkable development: despite continuing growth in the global economy, worldwide energy-related carbon dioxide emissions are staying flat. This turning point in emissions signals more than the decoupling of economic activities, writes Lisa Davis, Chairman and CEO of Siemens Corp in the U.S.: it reflects a […]

The Great Energy Transition: The Years Just Ahead

Alternative Energy

As the global climate continues to deteriorate, consideration of where our civilization is heading becomes more critical with every passing day. The frequency and intensity of hurricanes and cyclones around the world are forcing many to reconsider just how disruptive global warming could become. While many in the U.S. still refuse to accept that the […]

Germany gets economic lift with wind energy

Germany gets economic lift with wind energy thumbnail

With the start of construction of a new wind farm off the coast of Germany, officials said the nation’s economy was supported through low-carbon efforts. German energy company E.ON, with support from Norway’s Statoil, hosted a ceremony to mark the start of construction for the Arkona offshore wind farm, which formally started in late August. […]

Meet the scientists who want to harness the power of the Sun

Alternative Energy

Fusion is the power source of the future, according to science fiction, but did you know that scientists have been working on this for decades, and are drawing ever closer to harnessing the power of the Sun? What is Fusion Power? When we look up into the sky, and see the Sun burning brightly during […]

How (Not) to Run a Modern Society on Solar and Wind Power Alone

Alternative Energy

While the potential of wind and solar energy is more than sufficient to supply the electricity demand of industrial societies, these resources are only available intermittently. To ensure that supply always meets demand, a renewable power grid needs an oversized power generation and transmission capacity of up to ten times the peak demand. It also […]

The New Economy of Excrement

The New Economy of Excrement thumbnail

Entrepreneurs are finding profits turning human waste into fertilizer, fuel and even food Sewage treatment plant. Credit: Peter Essick Getty Images On the outskirts of Kigali, Rwanda, septic trucks full of human excrement bump and slosh their way up orange dirt roads to their final destination: the Nduba landfill. Until recently, the trucks would spill their […]

Jeremy Leggett: The Test

Jeremy Leggett: The Test thumbnail

More than a billion of the world’s poorest people, having no electricity, are forced to waste $27 billion a year on kerosene and other unsustainable forms of lighting. If every one of their households could buy a single solar light, they would save at least $78 billion over three years, and spend it on basic […]

7 Big Changes to the Energy Industry Coming by 2040

7 Big Changes to the Energy Industry Coming by 2040 thumbnail

For the most part, the way we generate and use energy hasn’t changed a lot in the past 50 years. But that’s not likely to be the case in the decades to come. As renewable energy sources become cheaper and more reliable, and we develop technology that enables us to better store and distribute that […]

Nuclear Plants in Irma Path Spark Fukushima Fears

Nuclear Plants in Irma Path Spark Fukushima Fears thumbnail

Hurricane Irma threatens to impact two nuclear reactors when it hits Florida this weekend, sparking fears of a Fukushima-style catastrophe. Florida Power & Light’s two nuclear plants, Turkey Point and St. Lucie plant, are mulling shutting down the reactors in preparation for the massive storm. “If we anticipate there will be direct impacts on either […]

Renewables to produce 85% of global electricity needs by 2050

Alternative Energy

On Monday, Dutch quality assurance and risk management company DVL GL published its Energy Transition Outlook 2017 report and predicted that by 2050, 85 per cent of global electricity needs and 44 percent of total energy needs will be met by renewables. The report only considered energy produced by solar PVs, onshore and offshore wind […]

Subsidizing new nuclear power such as Vogtle reactors in nation’s interest

Subsidizing new nuclear power such as Vogtle reactors in nation’s interest thumbnail

Adding two new nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle is going to need some help from Congress and the federal government to work, according to Georgia Power’s request to continue. And it is in the national interest to subsidize new nuclear power the way the government is helping wind and solar power technologies, a nuclear engineer […]

The Beauty of Biomass

Alternative Energy

“You probably wouldn’t want to invest in beachfront property at the rate sea level rise and superstorms are accelerating” Hemp and Cob houses at Cloughjordan Ecovillage “The solution to our living arrangement problem is not going to be more cars of a different kind, it’s going to be returning to more towns and traditional neighborhoods. […]

Researchers Announce Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough

Alternative Energy

For years nuclear fusion was the stuff of sci-fi books and movies, but technology has brought it, like so many other things, closer to reality. So close, in fact, that there are plans to build the first nuclear fusion reactor by 2025 – a reactor that could yield a lot more energy than is fed […]

Here’s why oil’s future is grim

Alternative Energy

What do auto manufacturers, utilities and oil companies have in common with Kodak, Blockbuster and Macy’s? Their business models are rapidly vanishing under the pressure of technology innovation and societal norms. Five countries have already announced an end date for the sale of gasoline and diesel cars: Norway (2025), Germany and India (2030), and France […]

Electricity is a Rip-Off

Alternative Energy

British Gas has raised electricity prices by 12.5% and its rivals are likely to follow suit. Another round of inflation-busting increases has put calls for an energy price cap back on the agenda. When then Labour leader Ed Miliband first proposed a cap in 2013 it was dismissed by the Tories as coming from a […]

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@BrankoMilan @SRSroccoReport At least @BrankoMilan is an open minded economist. M. Friedman would have already chastised degrowthers as heretics much before. Here an extract of an interview from Carla Ravaioli's ECONOMISTS AND THE ENVIRONMENT: (via @gelderon52 ) #Degrowth #Peakoil

test Twitter Media - @BrankoMilan @SRSroccoReport At least @BrankoMilan is an open minded economist. M. Friedman would have already chastised degrowthers as heretics much before. Here an extract of an interview from Carla Ravaioli's  ECONOMISTS AND THE ENVIRONMENT:
(via @gelderon52 )
#Degrowth  #Peakoil
test Twitter Media - @BrankoMilan @SRSroccoReport At least @BrankoMilan is an open minded economist. M. Friedman would have already chastised degrowthers as heretics much before. Here an extract of an interview from Carla Ravaioli's  ECONOMISTS AND THE ENVIRONMENT:
(via @gelderon52 )
#Degrowth  #Peakoil

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