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Page added on July 10, 2017

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Why The Possibility Of Peak Demand Worries Oil Producers

Some disagree about when and whether the world will begin using less oil, but some energy companies are already planning for an oil-free future.

3 Comments on "Why The Possibility Of Peak Demand Worries Oil Producers"

  1. rockman on Mon, 10th Jul 2017 4:03 pm 

    The Rockman is surround by oil patch hands day after day. And not once has any conversation come up about a lack of demand being a problem for us. Especially since the world recently began consuming more oil then ever before in history.

  2. Cloggie on Tue, 11th Jul 2017 9:25 am 

    @Rockman: nobody claims that peak oil is behind us, supply-wise or demand-wise.

  3. rockman on Tue, 11th Jul 2017 10:42 am 

    Cloggie – I know no one in the oil patch that worries about PO, PD or PS. Our singular concern is finding the next viable well to drill.

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