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Page added on April 3, 2017

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Wind Energy War On The High Plains

In this exclusive report, Infowars reporter Millie Weaver exposes the explicit fraud, deception and outright criminality behind wind energy and how it may be used to run rural communities off their properties as part of a major land grab effort in concert with Agenda 21.

Millie Weaver starts off asking people who live and work in Kansas City, KS what they know about green energy and industrial wind farms.

Not surprising, city people virtue signal their liberal support for industrial wind energy, dogmatizing it as a viable solution to the alleged problem of “climate change” without much thought.

However, when asked how much energy wind farms produce, what they know about impacts on birds, bats, the environment and human health, most city people appear to be clueless.

Weaver then goes to a small town where a local florist has noticed a significant increase in funerals for people who live outside town in close proximity to the wind farm.

Weaver then journeys to El Paso County, Colorado giving us an insiders view of the fraudulent and deceptive nature of big wind energy corporations by attending and speaking at a local County Commissioner’s hearing regarding health concerns about a local wind farm.

Rural people who have been impacted by the wind farm speak out about having to abandon their homes and health effects they have experienced in a plea for help.

World renowned acoustician Robert Rand presents prima facia evidence that the wind farm is in perpetual violation of state noise nuisance laws.

He presents data which shows the wind farm is operating at noise levels known to cause sleep deprivation, stress and other health impacts reported by those living in close proximity to it.

Millie Weaver discusses medical opinions of doctors who examined data collected as part of a scientific medical study which investigated the serious health impacts of residents living near the wind farm.

At the hearing, a wind energy advocate “Dr”, who has been giving medical opinions and medical advice in support of the wind energy project while downplaying people’s health concerns, is exposed as not being an actual “doctor”, rather, being nothing more than a person with a “PhD” in Philosophy.

County Commissioners and State legislators now wrestle with the legal conundrum of needing to enforce the law to protect the health and well being of rural residents, to prevent lawlessness and the appearance of giving unequal protection under the law, while facing threats from wind energy tycoons of billion dollar lawsuits if the wind farm is shut down.

8 Comments on "Wind Energy War On The High Plains"

  1. penury on Mon, 3rd Apr 2017 8:14 pm 

    I think we have heard this stuff before. Dollars always win, but politicians will be able to cry real tears over what is being lost.

  2. Plantagenet on Mon, 3rd Apr 2017 10:45 pm 

    I thought wind farms were supposed to be green and intrinsically good? This article makes wind energy sound just as bad as shale fracking……


  3. mbnewtrain on Mon, 3rd Apr 2017 11:54 pm 

    The greatest problem with wind energy is the inability to store the excess power when the wind blows hard and energy demand is low. Some wind turbines are turned off because of low demand during these times. Wind energy must be comingled with natural gas fired power plants to be an effective provider to power grid, thus the tie to fossil fuel.
    Solar PV is really a better solution overall as long as power could be stored in batteries or flywheels by the end user.

  4. GregT on Tue, 4th Apr 2017 1:31 am 


    “I thought wind farms were supposed to be green and intrinsically good?”

    You also thought that the reason for historically high oil prices was because of The Oil Glut™, that Obama was in charge of the entire world, and that by flying all around the globe you somehow have the right to put others down for their contributions to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

    Wrong on all accounts.


  5. slope on Tue, 4th Apr 2017 2:34 am 

    I thought wind farms were supposed to be green and intrinsically good? This article makes wind energy sound just as bad as shale fracking……

  6. Cloggie on Tue, 4th Apr 2017 3:42 am 

    The only good thing about the American Populist Right (like Infowars) is that apparently they have enough of globalism and perhaps, every now and then, say “no” against an opportunity for a foreign war and have a healthy aversion against “Washington” and the loony Left and its destructive social engineering agenda like mass migration, gender baloney, anti-family, etc..

    For the rest, don’t expect anything from the American populist right in terms of doing anything against the predicament we’re in as discussed on this forum. It is like before highly materialist, money and economic growth are the only values that matter, environmentalism is for green sissies and oil is the essence of America and should remain that way.

    “Green Right” unfortunately doesn’t exist.

  7. Cloggie on Tue, 4th Apr 2017 3:47 am 

    There is no difference btw between Infowars and for instance the Dutch right-wing populists; they use the same lunatic arguments:

  8. rockman on Tue, 4th Apr 2017 9:39 am 

    There is a long history of citizens receiving huge settlements from various industry activities that created health issues. If the case can be proven in court (and not in the public court of anecdotal speculations) the wind farms will pay.

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