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Page added on January 22, 2014

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The Peak Oil Crisis: Hydrinos In Your Future?

Alternative Energy

In recent months I have written about the progress being made in “cold fusion” which is short hand for a third way to extract energy from the forces binding atoms together. Some who are familiar with the details of what has been going on appreciate that we are nearly over denying that cold fusion is real as at least three companies have mastered the technology at lab bench level and are working on commercial-scale hydrogen powered devices that hopefully will one day replace fossil fuels as a source of energy for heat, electricity, and transportation.

The Italian developer Rossi seems to have linked up with a North Carolina company that not only is supplying the cash he needs to develop a marketable product, but apparently has made contacts to develop the technology in China.

The California company Brillouin was recently the subject of a series of videos detailing the current state of development of the prototype commercial boiler it is developing along with SRI to replace fossil fuels as the source of heat in electric power stations. Moreover Brillouin has recently licensed its technology to a Korean manufacturer who hopes to have a prototype in operation before the end of the year. The major take home from the videos, however, is that scaling up cold fusion from lab bench to commercial boiler size will involve some difficult engineering.

The third major contender in the race for cold fusion, Defkalion Green Technologies, announced last week that they are making good progress and hope to “commercialize’ their technology by the third quarter of this year. All three of these companies say they have had their technology verified by outside scientists, but have no intention of releasing their proprietary techniques as to how they make cold fusion work at this time.

Last week another contender in the race to replace fossil fuels resurfaced with the announcement by a New Jersey company, BlackLight Power, that it has applied for a patent and will be demonstrating its technology to selected observers on February 28th. BlackLight Power and its technology has been around for over 20 years; has raised and spent circa $80 million developing their technology; and have released a mountain of reports, data and even books describing how their technology works. Every few years they have announced that they were close to a commercial product that could produce heat, but somehow they always slipped back into the R&D mode and were largely forgotten even by close observers of the field and certainly not remembered by the mainstream media.

The biggest problem with gaining acceptance for the technology that BlackLight Power claims to have invented that it is so revolutionary that, should it pan out, the world and much science will never be the same. The simple version of BlackLight’s technology is easy to understand. By taking hydrogen atoms (protons with an electron orbiting around the nucleus), all one has to do is give the atoms a good zap of electricity in the presence of the right catalyst and the electrons drop down into orbits closer to the nuclei – releasing very large amounts of energy in the process.

After the hydrogen atoms’ electrons falls into a lower orbit, the resulting now-shrunken atom was called a “hydrino” by its discoverer, Randell Mills. The main problem with this idea is that our current chemistry says there are no stable states of hydrogen below what is known as the base state. Therefore most scientists say Mill’s hydrino thesis must be wrong. For 20 years, Mills has had to contend with an endless string of naysayers, including some very well-known scientists many of which called him a charlatan for raising and spending some $80 million dollars in search of something which cannot possibly be true – or so they contend.

If it is for real, the implications of this technology are far too extensive to describe here. Cheap off the shelf components, fueled by tiny amounts of water, which is the source of the hydrogen, are claimed to produce energy on the order of tens of megawatts from desktop sized devices. Needless to say there is no cost for the water used as a fuel, and the only output of these devices is supposed to be a very powerful jet of plasma that could be used to directly produce electricity and “hydrinos” which are inert and harmless. If you want on a real mind boggler, Mills says that most of the universe is composed of hydrinos which are the mysterious dark matter that astronomers have been grappling with for years.

So far the notion of hydrinos and the era of cheap energy has been confined to the blogosphere as the media is for the most part unwilling to go out on a limb in the face of mainstream science’s still overwhelming judgment about the technology. Should next week’s demonstration of BlackLight’s device go well, chances are things will start to change and the possibility that we can prosper without fossil fuels will start to sink into the public consciousness. However, as we have seen with demonstrations of early cold fusion devices, such demonstrations usually result stories asking how the “trick” was done and doubts concerning whatever measurements are provided.

If BlackLight Power can really develop the technology to produce electric power at a claimed 10th of a cent a kilowatt in the next few years, our planet and our science will never be the same again. Even the peak oil crisis could even come to a rather abrupt end in a way that no one ever envisioned. For now all we can do is keep an open mind remember that every century or so a real scientific revolution comes along.


17 Comments on "The Peak Oil Crisis: Hydrinos In Your Future?"

  1. SilentRunning on Wed, 22nd Jan 2014 2:22 am 

    I am not usually a betting man, but I would be willing to put down an ounce of pure gold that NONE of the above devices will be on sale a year from now.

  2. SilentRunning on Wed, 22nd Jan 2014 2:43 am 

    I would add that I would be delighted to be wrong about Cold Fusion devices – but I have been watching the field from its first announcements – and I have seen *hundreds* of press releases promising cold fusion machines to be available any day now – but they have never, ever come to fruition. And there always seems to be extreme secrecy and a total unwillingness to have independent scientists run tests to check for accuracy. These are the earmarks of fraud.

  3. Kevin Cobley on Wed, 22nd Jan 2014 3:10 am 

    The cold fusion story started in in the early 50’s in Argentina and was a very very similar story to the Ponds & Fleishman scam, yes nearly 25 years ago.
    All this 63 years of research and the intense research efforts since 1989 and still absolutely nothing on the table, nothing published in Nature.
    Just a whole lot of new scam artists.
    Maybe I should try to sell perpetual motion, warp drive or anti gravity if suckers will fall for cold fusion they will fall for anything.

  4. Jimmy on Wed, 22nd Jan 2014 4:30 am 

    If Tom Whipple is such a great ex CIA analyst why is he shilling for Rossi and his pathetic scam?

  5. Makati1 on Wed, 22nd Jan 2014 6:41 am 

    Nice piece of science fiction …

  6. Stilgar Wilcox on Wed, 22nd Jan 2014 7:58 am 

    “The main problem with this idea is that our current chemistry says there are no stable states of hydrogen below what is known as the base state.”

    Maybe that’s why he needed 80 million, to try and find a stable state.

    There was a stock some years back for a co. claiming to have a water engine. I followed the stock price just to see where it would go. It bounced around .50 cents for a while then dropped into the teens, then was delisted. It was a scam.

    I use to work in commercial real estate, and it was phenomenal how many people fantasized about leasing large spaces to start businesses, but in fact turned out to be flakes. In every line of business there are always the flakes, and I am sure many of the above examples are simply flakes in the scientific community. They have visions of grandeur to save us all from peak oil. Well, there isn’t much time left, so better show us what you’ve got.

  7. Meld on Wed, 22nd Jan 2014 8:21 am 

    I am also willing to bet that by the end of this year something or someone will have “gotten in the way” of its release and we will have to put up with another year of this cold fusion bullcrap in 2015.

  8. J-Gav on Wed, 22nd Jan 2014 9:43 am 

    Not again!

  9. stevefromvirginia on Wed, 22nd Jan 2014 2:13 pm 

    Folks, Peak Oil is scary. Look into the abyss …

    (there is a monster down there …)

    So you have otherwise hard-headed analysts grasping at straws, that includes the vast expanse of popular media and its pet ‘shale revolution’.

    It’s comforting, the myths taken together suggest we won’t have to get rid of our precious cars after all.

  10. westexas on Wed, 22nd Jan 2014 3:17 pm 

    Cold fusion is like Michael Myers, from the “Halloween” movies. You think it’s dead, but it keeps coming back to life.

  11. J-Gav on Wed, 22nd Jan 2014 3:34 pm 

    Oops, I think I just leaked a couple of ‘hydrinos’ outta my hind end …

  12. Northwest Resident on Wed, 22nd Jan 2014 4:03 pm 

    The “cold fusion” story has nearly become a religious belief — a collective “faith” response to humanity looking into the abyss of peak oil (as stevefromvirginia aptly points out) and seeing his rapidly approaching doom. Of all the mystical beliefs (gods) that have been proposed to the restless and fearful masses, none seem so perfect as “cold fusion”, so they cling to that belief as if it were the “god” (technology) that will save us all!!

    If you think belief in cold fusion is delusional now, just wait until the shale oil “boom” fades out in a few years or so. People are going to start going “crazy religious” on us as we approach that final breakdown in the economy that lack of sufficient oil input will cause. Under severe pressure, facing certain doom, humans tend to “go religious” — it is a natural response — and the “cold fusion” savior fits right in.

  13. robertinget on Wed, 22nd Jan 2014 5:29 pm 

    Sunlight, the near perfect fusion product.

  14. AlainCo (@alain_co) on Wed, 22nd Jan 2014 6:03 pm 

    So many errors are beeing propagated on cold fusion.

    To learn seriously the story, the key point of calorimetry results and various experiments, the only 4 critics published and rebuted, the media manipulation of lewis&others…
    Best is to read that book (PDF) Excess Heat by Charles Beaudette…
    You can read all the others books, wikipedia, understanding where they are manipulating you.

    About Blacklight, I have a very negative positon about them… my best bet is they are late by 5 years compared to the others industrialist like Rossi, Defkalion, Brillouin, Lenuco, Piantelli, Celani with tiny toys and as bonus a bad theory.

    to know what is really happening around LENr businesses, you can read those executive summaries:

    don’t believe wikipedia, and don’t expect anything from BLP… Sure Wikipedia cold fusion page is a bigger fraud than BLP.

  15. nemteck on Wed, 22nd Jan 2014 10:33 pm 

    Quote:” ….electrons drop down into orbits closer to the nuclei – releasing very large amounts of energy in the process.” This is not cold fusion but only a chemical process.

    Fusion is a nuclear reaction in which atomic nuclei smash into each other to form a new type of atomic nucleus, for example using deuterium-tritium fuel.

    The basic universal principle is that all processes in nature work on minimum energy. If cold fusion was viable then nature would have done it. Suns would be cool while spending energy. This has not been observed.

    “…the universe is composed of hydrinos which are the mysterious dark matter…” Completely idiotic.

  16. Jimmy on Thu, 23rd Jan 2014 7:47 am 

    Well Tom has been going on about this for a longer than enough time. When the real news is that Rossi has lost more and more investors and more and more faith Tom comes out blowing the trumpets. Is Tom a carpet bagger in on it with Rossi or is he just a really gullible ex CIA analyst?

  17. AlainCo (@alain_co) on Thu, 23rd Jan 2014 10:55 am 

    Or is it that you are less informed than the Swedish research consortium of energy companies, Elforsk ?

    did you ever imagine you could be wrong ? plain wrong, exactly as you imagine others are…

    please, read the book of Charles Beaudette…

    I don’t refuse to read critics against LENR. It is just that I understand them.

    Did you notice the Baoding HIDZ partners, Aldo Proia still supporting. Cherokee/Industrial Heat LLC validated.

    the defeat of Rossi is in your mind, not in the facts.

    and even the competitors, feel the need to communicate.

    Nothing supports your theory.
    At best on some point it is not impossible, which in you head means it is sure.

    PS: I don’t know you, but your reasoning is very common.

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