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Page added on May 26, 2011

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GE Builds A High-Tech Fossil Fuel Power Plant For The Renewable Energy Age

Alternative Energy

General Electric on Wednesday unveiled a new type of high-efficiency natural gas power plant that can be fired up and ramped down rapidly in response to fluctuations in solar and wind energy production.

As renewable energy sources begin to supply a greater portion of electricity demand, utilities face the challenge of keeping the lights on when passing clouds idle solar farms or a sudden stillness slows wind turbines. That problem will only grow with the decentralization and distribution of power production among millions of rooftop solar panels and pint-sized photovoltaic power plants.

Standard natural-gas or coal-fired power stations are lumbering beasts that generate steady and reliable electricity but cannot be fired up or down with the flip of a switch. Those that can respond quickly to changes in demand are less efficient.


One Comment on "GE Builds A High-Tech Fossil Fuel Power Plant For The Renewable Energy Age"

  1. Kenz300 on Fri, 27th May 2011 11:58 pm 

    Wind and Solar Energy continue to increase every year and are dropping in price. Their share of the energy market will continue to grow. Nuclear, oil, and coal are rising in cost and environmental damage. The transition to safe, clean alternative energy continues to pick up pace. This new natural gas power plant from GE will reduce one more barrier to wind and solar.

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