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Page added on March 30, 2015

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Apple’s Electric Car

Apple’s Electric Car thumbnail

Recent rumours that suggest Apple may be working on an electric car have inspired the website carwow to produce some concept images of what the vehicle may look like. Speculation that Apple may be in talks to purchase electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors inspired the illustrations to have a similar resemblance. Apple obviously has the capabilities to produce such a vehicle, so we’ll just have to wait and see if the rumours prove valid. An electric vehicle would certainly fit Apple’s image. Scroll down for the photos.

The concept photos feature a futuristic interior, large navigation displays, a separate front passenger screen, and of course, a center-mounted iPhone docking station. We can only assume an Apple car would be focused on multimedia. The idea also suggests some sort of autonomous driving capabilities and incorporated apps throughout. Some imagined specifications include:

  • 250 horsepower
  • 400 Nm torque
  • 4 hour recharge
  • 310 mile range
  • 3 colors

Analysts believe such a car could be available by 2020. Considering Apple has no experience manufacturing roadworthy cars, it seems some sort of merger with Tesla or another vehicle manufacturer would be necessary for success.



Photo Credits: carwow

Do you think this is a realistic possibility or just wishful thinking? What would they call it? The iCar?

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8 Comments on "Apple’s Electric Car"

  1. rockman on Mon, 30th Mar 2015 7:27 am 

    I would be more impressed if Apple were to announce it was going to build out hundreds of alt generating facilities that would supply the power for e- transportation. Building an e car is easy…been done. Building an affordable e-car might be doable. Charging e-cars without sufficient sources of power especially green sources) is a tad difficult. The problem isn’t putting 4 wheels under an electric motor…it’s coming up with the power to run that motor. Especially a source that doesn’t consume fossil fuels to produce that power.

  2. Davy on Mon, 30th Mar 2015 8:20 am 

    STUPID IS STUPID DOES. That applies to Apple and their electric car. EV are not the answer and they will never be the answer. They will not scale and not scale in time. The resources required to build them out is not there. The AltE to make them lower carbon is not there. They have a niche application for sure and they should not be written off. In the right application they are a good for society and her effort to be more sustainable and resilient.

    That said not how Apple is building one. They are building this car because they milked the system of so much money they are bored and need something to waste that money on. We don’t need 1%er EV’s we need practical, simple, low tech and low impact vehicles. This is just more of the same BAUtopian exceptionalism being demonstrated in a product that will not help us with what is ahead. More waste and technology is not the answer. Less technology is the answer. Less cost and less environmental impact is the answer. Less with more-less is the name of the game. Of course this is something that won’t sell for Apple so I guess let these folks have fun being idiots.

  3. Ralph on Mon, 30th Mar 2015 9:12 am 

    Electric Bicycles for commutes up to 10 miles each way and electric scooters for rides up to 30 miles each way.

    10% or less of the cost to buy, 1% of the energy consumption, and if you pedal you get fit for free!

    A cycle path needs 10% or less resources to build or maintain than a road as well.

  4. Kenz300 on Mon, 30th Mar 2015 9:14 am 

    Every step forward to make clean energy generation and consumption a reality is a step in the right direction.

    Wind and solar power generation keeps growing around the world. Every major auto maker is either now producing an electric vehicle or has plans to produce one.

    Climate Change is real…. we can deal with the cause or deal with the impact.

    Head Of The Episcopal Church Says It’s ‘Sinful’ To Ignore Climate Change

    Pope Francis’s edict on climate change will anger deniers and US churches | World news | The Guardian

  5. dave thompson on Mon, 30th Mar 2015 9:27 am 

    Humanity is facing near term extinction.

  6. Mike989 on Mon, 30th Mar 2015 10:34 am 

    Exactly. If Exxon does nothing there’s a power void.
    Exxon seems to be run by a country club drunk, with no vision for the company. Tillerson even “gives credit” to someone else for the fracking debacle-business decision.

    Into the vacuum Apple will fill.

    I doubted they’d move into this space, then they started hiring the best battery techs from Samsung and went after Tesla employees.

    You don’t staff up to not compete.
    And Apple, unlike the auto and oil industry, hire the best and pay decently.

    Still Apple’s biggest competition would be GM.
    GM has been to every major battery maker and added funding when there were promising developments.

    You can kiss goodbye Ford, and Fiat-Chrysler, but GM is going to be there to fight off market share losses.

  7. Plantagenet on Mon, 30th Mar 2015 11:12 am 

    Who needs electric cars?

    There already is cheaper technology that is more efficient.

    Scooters and motorcycles.

    Go to India, France, Italy, China.

    You see many more scooters and motorcycles then in the US.

    We must close the scooter-gap with China!

  8. Kenz300 on Mon, 30th Mar 2015 2:37 pm 

    Buy a bicycle…….

    BicycleDutch – YouTube

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