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Page added on July 2, 2017

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13 Year Old Channels Nikola Tesla, Creates Free Energy

13 Year Old Channels Nikola Tesla, Creates Free Energy thumbnail

Can a teenager teach the world how to run on free energy? Max Loughan is not your typical 13 year old. The Nevada native isn’t making yet another volcano for his middle school science fair. Instead, he has turned the boiler room in his parents’ home into a laboratory, where he invents things.
Max Loughan harvest free energy from the atmosphere

Max’s latest invention uses many of the principles posited by Nikola Tesla 75 years ago to harvest free energy from the atmosphere. Tesla Motors was named in his honor. Loughan’s invention uses an old coffee can, some coils of wire and a spoon. It makes enough energy to light a string of LED lights wrapped around his twin brother Jack, much to the astonishment of a film crew from TV station KTVN in Reno.

“As cheesy as this sounds, from day one, on this planet that I knew I was put here for a reason,” Max says, as he speaks to the film crew wearing a while lab coat over a Nikola Tesla T shirt. “And that reason is to invent, to bring the future. My true goal is to help. It is to invent a future where people can be happy, where they can be safe and sound.”

Do you remember the movie Apollo 13? At one point, a roomful of very smart people from NASA are arguing about how to get the crippled spacecraft and the three astronauts inside back to Earth safely. Then one fellow walks in and says, “Fellas, it’s all about power.” Without it, the ship won’t be able to navigate or land without burning up in the atmosphere.

What young Max sees that most people do not is that here on Earth, it’s all about power, too. Fossil fuels have allowed mankind to build cities and travel great distances, but at the expense of destroying our environment. Nikola Tesla postulated about ways to make electricity without burning fossil fuels decades ago. Most found his ideas quaint, amusing, even interesting. But he was too far ahead of his time. He was dismissed by the scientific community as a quack and a charlatan. Now his theories are coming to fruition in the basement of a ranch house in Nevada.

Max Loughan’s invention looks something like a Tesla coil and operates on many of the same principles described by the electric energy visionary. The device is rather simple. It harvests electromagnetic energy from the atmosphere, then converts it to direct current which can be used to power electrical devices. Max says his electrical harvester gets its power from radio waves and from both thermal and static energy. Max spent less than $15 for the materials needed to make his device.

Max is currently (no pun intended) taking online courses at MIT, where he hopes to continue his studies once he conquers the rigors of high school. Watch out, Elon Musk!

Source: Waking Times  Hat tip to Leif Hansen of Bergen, Norway, who first alerted me to this story. 



16 Comments on "13 Year Old Channels Nikola Tesla, Creates Free Energy"

  1. Go Speed Racer on Sun, 2nd Jul 2017 5:24 pm 

    Kid could join a Wall Street firm like Enron,
    bright future cooking the books.
    Make it sound too good to be true,
    and the lemmings will send money.

  2. Big Time Doomer on Sun, 2nd Jul 2017 7:15 pm 

    But where did the energy come from to create the coffee can, coil of wire and spoon?

  3. ____________________________________________ on Sun, 2nd Jul 2017 7:25 pm 

    Since white males invent everything why should females, fags, and Negroids benefit from this. Don’t bother answering cuz you are even more tarded.

  4. Keith McClary on Sun, 2nd Jul 2017 10:13 pm 

    The next Andrea Rossi.

  5. Go Speed Racer on Mon, 3rd Jul 2017 2:58 am 

    Hey where did that racism come from?
    It’s time to elevate our thinking to better than
    primitive racist prejudices.

    Of course negroes invent things.
    They invented watermelon.

  6. deadlykillerbeaz on Mon, 3rd Jul 2017 5:54 am 

    All you need is a couple of potatoes and you can power a light bulb.

    Don’t have to channel Tesla.

  7. Mr. Pockets on Mon, 3rd Jul 2017 7:44 am 

    wow… holy racist internet cowboy!

    this site has really lost its fastball.

  8. Orville on Mon, 3rd Jul 2017 9:57 am 

    This kid should be put in a program for students on a higher level of school,he has a bright future ahead of him.his understanding of his environment around him is sharp.

  9. Ian Lock on Mon, 3rd Jul 2017 10:02 am 

    Keep up the great work. Tesla was the greatest inventor ever. His AC electricity made it possible for all future inventions and innovations that came after that requires electricity. The world could have been a better place if some of his inventions such as free energy came to fruition.

  10. Orville on Mon, 3rd Jul 2017 10:03 am 

    I hate it when people post racist comments color or Creed has nothing to do with how smart one is,desire a williness and curiosity has something to do with it jackass. Must be a black lives matter idiot, with a statement to the effect(he must be white) is a racist statement in itself ass hole and that’s what you are I hate people that says crap like that leave the u.s if you don’t like it Russia will be happy to take you.

  11. Ian Lock on Mon, 3rd Jul 2017 10:06 am 

    Max, it’s not about becoming rich and famous. It is about helping mankind and understanding the world around us.

  12. Jerome Purtzer on Mon, 3rd Jul 2017 11:58 am 

    A gentleman named Lonnie Johnson is a black man. He holds more than 80 U.S. patents including patents for stop light interval timer. He also invented the super soaker water gun and the nuclear energy system for the Galileo space mission. He developed an patented a thermal to electric system using hydrogen passing through a membrane. It would be easy to argue that if Tesla were reincarnated it was/is Lonnie Johnson.

  13. JuanP on Mon, 3rd Jul 2017 3:23 pm 

    “My true goal is to help. It is to invent a future where people can be happy, where they can be safe and sound” LOL! This little delusional, narcissistic kid has a lot to learn. Anyone who thinks technology will solve our problems needs to learn more about human nature. We are the problem not a lack of technology. Tech has been improving for millenia but things keep getting worse.

  14. Sissyfuss on Mon, 3rd Jul 2017 3:32 pm 

    Jerome, don’t tell Clogariyan about Lonnie. He’ll be crushed.

  15. Cloggie on Mon, 3rd Jul 2017 4:56 pm 

    Jerome is not entirely up to speed with advanced concepts like “probability distribution” and prefers to “cherry pick” in order to make his egalitarian cultural-Marxist point, namely that you can mix people from all corners of the globe and arrive at a tasty mixed salad, rather than an exploding melting pot.

    The reality of course is civil war and genocide…

    …but since you can’t change the opinions True Believers, and Americans are young, naive and idealistic, it is better to let America run its course and for us in Europe wait for a 1776-ish desperate phone call.

    One wonders if Africa consists of so many potential Lonnie Johnson’s (who?), why do they still have an average income of ca. $1000 and try to come to Europe by the millions?

    Beats me, but I am sure Jerome will provide a pc answer.


  16. Anonymouse on Mon, 3rd Jul 2017 7:16 pm 

    This kid did not ‘invent’ anything. The idea of generating electrical energy from the atmosphere is not exactly new, and you can find plenty of references to other inventor types\enthusiasts or whatever we wish to call them, that have done work along similar lines.

    Here is a video that discusses the concept in a bit more detail

    OR you can do a search along these lines

    free energy from the atmosphere, or a similar search phrase.

    You should find credible references, videos etc, not quack or ZPE type nonsense.

    The big problem with such systems, from what I understand, is the collector antennae need to be quite long, in order to be effective. The video above for example, mentions that results only started to improve around 100 meters and greater.

    Here is the actual patent for such a system.

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