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Alternative Energy

Fancy Having Your Own Power Plant? “Fuel Cell Micro-Cogeneration is Market-Ready”

SolidPower’s BlueGen fuel cell unit. More than 1,000 fuel cell micro-cogeneration units have been installed in homes and business in ten countries over the last several years by the ene.field project. Its successor, the PACE project, aims at bringing costs further down, although manufacturers and users say the technology is market-ready. “I thought it would be nice to have my own power plant,” says Jochen Steneberg, a participant in the ene.field project field trial. A demonstration project for fuel cell micro-cogeneration, the ene.field project was funded to the tune of €52.5 million, with matching contributions from industry and the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), a public private partnership supporting research, technological development and demonstration activities in fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies in Europe. Steneberg is one of 3500 households and businesses across Europe that are currently using fuel cell micro-cogeneration for their heating, hot water and electricity ...


A Matter of Degree

"Did we really imagine people would feel threatened by the number 2?" USAnians are a very strange lot, as Alexis de Tocqueville observed on his road trip with Gustave de Baumont in 1831. The Bible-thumping, coon-skinned, populist utopians fascinated him. Tocqueville blithely compared the young country’s despotic democratic government, then hip-deep in the ethnic cleansing of indigenous peoples, to a parent protective of “perpetual children.” Anticipating Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent by 157 years, Tocqueville observed that the US brand of fervent fascism doesn’t try to break wills but rather bends them, allowing government to preside over people like “a flock of timid animals.” These timid animals nonetheless hunted the remnant bands of the First Nations like a wolf pack. Adult male scalps fetched about $100 in silver during Tocqueville’s visit, and about half that for women and children. Such hefty sums attracted those given ...

Population Controls Are Ill-Advised and Inhumane thumbnail

Population Controls Are Ill-Advised and Inhumane

For thousands of years, population control meant violence. War, famine, disease, and genocide served as the primary powers that nature and the state could wield to limit the expansion of the world’s human footprint. However, medical and cultural advances, such as readily available birth control and women’s liberation significantly changed the conversation around not only the ethics of population expansion, but also the available means of curbing it. Population Growth Fears In his 1968 book, The Population Bomb, bioethicist Paul Ehrlich outlined a doomsday scenario with predictions that the world’s population would increase to a point where all natural resources would be consumed, causing massive upheaval across the globe. More recently, researcher Travis Rieder, at the Berman Institute of Bioethics, argues that humans have a moral responsibility to limit the birth of children to protect the environmental stability of our planet. At NBC ...

The myth of a fossil fuel phase-out thumbnail

The myth of a fossil fuel phase-out

How the world uses energy is a hot topic for a warming planet, and fears of pollution and resource strain have produced a virtual arms race of energy-efficiency strategies. From the European Union to China, economies are vowing to reduce their energy intensity with the help of technological innovations and legislative changes. Yet, despite these promises, consumer demand for energy is forecast by the International Energy Agency to rise until at least 2040. With the world’s energy needs growing, how can policymakers guarantee supply? To put it bluntly, the world has nothing to worry about when it comes to reserves. After 40 years of fearing energy shortages, we have entered an era of abundance. We need to guard against false narratives, not scarce resources. The culprit of this storyline is the Club of Rome, a global think-tank that, in the 1970s, spurred energy ...

Chris Martenson: The Great Oil Swindle thumbnail

Chris Martenson: The Great Oil Swindle

When it comes to the story we're being told about America's rosy oil prospects, we're being swindled. At its core, the swindle is this: The shale industry's oil production forecasts are vastly overstated. Swindle:  Noun  - A fraudulent scheme or action. And the swindle is not just affecting the US.  It's badly distorted everything from current geopolitics to future oil forecasts. The false conclusions the world is drawing as a result of the self-deception and outright lies we're being told is putting our future prosperity in major jeopardy. Policy makers and ordinary citizens alike have been misled, and everyone -- everyone -- is unprepared for the inevitable and massive coming oil price shock. An Oil Price Spike Would Burst The 'Everything Bubble' Our thesis at Peak Prosperity is that the world’s equity and bond markets are enormous financial bubbles in search of a pin. Sadly, history shows ...


Lies, Bad Lies And Natural Gas Statistics

Summary Emotions running high after recent pricing volatility. Future production fundamentals leaning strong bearish. Wait for big trader "Elephant Tracks" before wading into the pool. Emotions are running high for natural gas traders after the fireworks of the past six weeks. I'm currently on the sidelines, and, while I'm long term bearish, nothing goes up or down in a straight line. A relief bounce on colder weather is possible, but not guaranteed. Sentiment can always get worse. The remaining Titanic passengers clinging to the back of the ship were extremely negative and they were 100% right. Please do your homework before you enter a commodity trade. The risk is high. I strongly advise new investors to explore the best production companies with exposure to both oil and gas. Names like Cabot (COG) and Pioneer (PXD) come to mind, and Cheniere Energy (LNG) (CQP) is in ...

Public Policy

Mysterious militants raise new fears of insurgency

A new armed group has appeared in northern Iraq, causing locals to fear that IS is regrouping and re-branding for guerrilla warfare. Iraqi soldiers gather near their vehicles as smoke rises from oil wells in the Hamrin field east of the city of Tikrit in Salahaddin province, March 4, 2015. (MAHMOUD RAOUF/Reuters) By Araz Mohammed, Amir Ali, Rawaz Tahir, Mohammed Hussein, Samya Kullab and Ben Van Heuvelen of Iraq Oil Report Published Thursday, December 14th, 2017 QORI CHAI - A mysterious armed group has emerged in remote areas of Iraq's disputed territories, giving rise to anxieties that a new era of Islamic State-inspired insurgency is in the making. Local leaders and Iraqi intelligence and security officials claim they have identified some members of the new group as former residents of nearby towns, who are known to have been members of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) ...

Kuntler: Taking Liberty thumbnail

Kuntler: Taking Liberty

You can see where this has been going. The wholesale un-personing of “powerful men” in the arts, media, and politics for sex “crimes” ranging from rape to stealing a kiss communicates a hunt up the food-chain that leads to the Golden Golem of Greatness tweeting his wicked id out in his White House lair. The barely suppressed thought behind all this is that Donald Trump raped America… and now he must be found guilty of it… and pay! The Blue women of the land must surely think that, at least, he raped Hillary in the election, and as a pure metaphor that sort of works — recall how he loomed and ranged balefully behind her back during the candidates’ debates like some cartoon thug out of a Batman movie. If he didn’t actually rape her, he sure mugged her politically, but ...

Public Policy

Oil Has Cursed Venezuela

Most Venezuelans have a love-hate relationship with oil. I personally was never one of the haters—I was one of the lovers. When I was very young, I would go after school to my mother’s office at Meneven, a subsidiary of Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, where I was fascinated by the processes of production and refinement, as well as the economics of the industry. When I was 16, I toured the massive oil fields of Zulia State, about a day’s drive from my hometown of Caracas. It was then that I realized that the country’s massive wealth potential was at odds with the widespread poverty that was all around me. I was too young to know anything about resource curses, the all-too-frequent phenomenon in which a country’s natural-resource wealth feeds economic distortions and inequality. But you didn’t have to be an academic ...

Twilight years: is the UK entering its last decade of oil and gas production? thumbnail

Twilight years: is the UK entering its last decade of oil and gas production?

Controversial research by the University of Edinburgh suggests UK oil and gas industries are entering the last decade of production. Julian Turner talks to the author of the report, Prof. Roy Thompson, about resource depletion, hard data vs industry optimism, and the transition to the clean economy. The Edinburgh Geological Society was formed in 1834 with the aim of stimulating public interest in geology. Issue 62 of its magazine, The Edinburgh Geologist, published in October, certainly did that. It contained a report by Edinburgh University that predicted the UK’s oil and gas reserves could run out in as little as a decade, that fracking is not viable in Scotland and barely feasible in the UK thanks to a dearth of suitable geology, and that the UK will soon have to import all its oil and gas. Professor Roy Thompson of Edinburgh University’s School ...

Alternative Energy It’s Final — Corn Ethanol Is Of No Use
OK, can we please stop pretending biofuel made from corn is helping the planet ...
General Ideas Collapse Step by Step, Part 8 — The Bumpy Road Down
The Bumpy Road Down, Part 1 The term “bumpy road down” refers to the cyclic ...
Fracking drives US oil exports to record high thumbnail Fracking drives US oil exports to record high
The world's largest oil consumer exported more hydrocarbons than ever before in 2017 and ...
Exxon To Disclose The Real Risk Of Climate Change thumbnail Exxon To Disclose The Real Risk Of Climate Change
According to a new filing by Exxon to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Exxon ...

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@paulcurrion @RodZeidan @giancarlotorpi @BrankoMilan Willingly or by force we are going to make the transition because there is no alternative. The problem is what level of economic output we'll have after it. I doubt for example that we are going to see electrical planes. Will we have energy rationing like in the 40s ? #PeakOil

@paulcurrion @RodZeidan @giancarlotorpi @BrankoMilan If renewables were easy to implement and they had good EROIs then I wouldn't worry. But since most renewables have very low EROIs then I think we are heading towards catastrophe. Many industries depend on fossile fuels. And we need a hard rudder turn... #PeakOil

@RodZeidan @paulcurrion @giancarlotorpi @BrankoMilan And Growthers should give us a realistic way to increase fossile fuels production. But they ignore the problem and then wishfully hope that something like fusion power is going to come to the rescue. That's foolishness at its best ! #PeakOil