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America The Insolvent thumbnail

America The Insolvent

Watching the world these days, I’m experiencing the same fury that rises up from my gut when the driver in the car ahead me is weaving drunkenly, endangering everyone on the road. Fury is a normal and rational human response when threatened with unnecessary harm. Women who are groped (or worse) by a disgusting predator like Harvey Weinstein, pensioners whose funds are stolen by Wall Street shysters, everyone who is being fleeced by corporations in search of a few extra dollars this quarter --  all have the right to be infuriated. It’s been especially hard of late for those of us who are "reality"-based; who value data, fundamentals and historical context. I earn my living by reading, analyzing and making sense of the world, and then working to help orient people’s actions to align with both the current reality and future probabilities. But ...

Stop the hand-wringing, humankind will adapt and prosper thumbnail

Stop the hand-wringing, humankind will adapt and prosper

When people go public with private tears I am immediately suspicious. Not that I am against tears; as a physical reaction to emotion they are a fact of life best controlled in some circumstances but uncontrollable in others. But articles, tweets and interviews that deliberately lob personal tears into the public domain sound the alarm bells of sanctimony. Telling the world about your saltwater reaction to this or that is perhaps the epitome of virtue-signalling. “I cried two times when my daughter was born,” was the opening line in a New York Times piece this week. Those sanctimony warning bells rang loud. It was by Iraq veteran, English professor and climate alarmist Roy Scranton, promoting a new book of essays on war and climate change titled We’re Doomed. Now What? And yes, he claims to have shed tears for the planet. “First for joy, when after 27 ...


The Sustainable Bioeconomy, a Path Towards Post-Extractivism

Ecuador has decided to move towards a bioeconomy-based development model, “which must be sustainable,” because otherwise “the remedy could be worse than the disease,” said the country’s Environment Minister Tarsicio Granizo, who is spearheading this innovative approach. In this interview with IPS, Granizo explained that the proposal represents a response to an extractivist model which cannot be followed forever. His ministry is working hand in hand with other ministries, productive sectors and the governments of the 24 provinces of this South American country of 17.7 million people. Ecuador is a megadiverse country, but it is also rich in minerals and fossil fuels. The current model of development is based on its underground riches, but now the aim is to move towards a post-extractivist model, focused on the sustainable use of the country’s biological resources. As a first step, the government is drawing up ...


Prepare For The Imminent Economic Collapse 2018

Shocking video of the coming Economic Collapse and the next Great Depression. There have not been so many trouble signs for the global economy in a past few months. Analysts are sounding the alarm about junk bond defaults, the smart money is getting out of stocks at an astounding rate, mortgage rates are absolutely skyrocketing, and Europe is heading to a full blown economic meltdown. Of course expectations that another global economic collapse will happen among the general population are probably low right now, but the reality of the matter is that we are probably closer to a new one erupting than at any point since the last economic collapse and stock market crash in 2008. Since the last financial crisis our long-term debt problems have just continued to grow, and there are many that believe that the next economic ...

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America’s Grids Are Not Ready For Summer Heatwaves

Los Angeles has had blackouts and soaring electricity prices. Electricity prices across the nation have jumped to as much as double for late summer. The Secretary of Energy is calling for subsidies to make otherwise noneconomic coal and nuclear power plants available to the grid. The taxpayers of New York have stepped up with a $500 million bailout of two nuclear power plants. Electricity markets are supposed to be competitive and “de-regulated” to provide “choice” and lower prices to consumers, but now we have the characteristics of monopoly markets: reduced service and higher prices. How did we get here? Electricity usage varies according to the season. Summers signal peak demand in Texas, while winters typically require less electricity. The Electricity Reliability Council of Texas, ERCOT, forecasts that peak demand may be more than 71,000 megawatts (MW) in August 2018 that has already ...


Largest Unconventional Shale Producer in Permian Basin Created

Concho Resources Inc. has completed its acquisition of RSP Permian Inc., creating the largest unconventional shale producer in the Permian Basin. “We are excited to complete this transaction and welcome the RSP team to Concho,” Tim Leach, chairman and chief executive officer of Concho, said in a company statement. “By combining two great companies focused on the highest quality resources in the Permian Basin, we are creating a compelling enterprise with the scale and technical expertise necessary to compete globally,” he added. “The transition to large-scale development has been one of our most important operational and strategic priorities,” Leach continued. Under the terms of the merger, each share of RSP common stock was converted into the right to receive 0.320 shares of Concho common stock. As a result, Concho expects to issue approximately 51 million shares of common stock in connection with the merger. RSP ...


Houston To Overtake Cushing As Key Hub

Houston is emerging as one of the great oil hubs in the world, and pretty soon it will be outfitted with an oil futures contract, which could cement its position. Intercontinental Exchange Inc. (ICE) announced plans to launch an oil futures with physical delivery in Houston, and the contract could launch as soon as this quarter, subject to regulatory review. “The Houston delivery point has become the pricing center for U.S. crude oil production and exports, and the new flat price futures contract is designed to serve hedging and trading opportunities in this growing market,” ICE said in a statement. Houston is now the “central delivery point for U.S. crude,” with proximity to upstream production in Texas, abundant refining and storage capacity along the Gulf Coast, and coastal facilities that have allowed a crude oil export boom over the past two years. ...

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Klanada’s Coming Pipeline War

This week on TFN we give you a peek into what could become Klanada’s Standing Rock and bring you updates from political prisoners in the United Snakes and Greece.

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Global Warming Hysteria: Record Heat, Vanishing Sunspots, Co2, and Lawsuits

There's record heat, but why? How do we measure it? What's going on with sunspots? Blame the US? Answers below. Record Heat ​ Yes, there's "record heat" thanks to the nonsensical way we measure temperatures. Mann-Made Warming Watts Up With That provides a humorous, but accurate, summation in Friday Funny: Josh on Mann-Made Warming. In the last couple of weeks, record highs have been set around the U.S., particularly in the Los Angeles area, which I did a lengthy debunking of. Records were also set in Scotland, then denied by an errant Ice Cream truck, and also questioned in Africa. Josh is on the case to illustrate the one common denominator to all these high temperature records we’ve discussed here on WUWT. For people who don’t believe this, or think we are just “making stuff up”…Here’s the official weather station at the airport in Rome, Italy. I ...


Saudi Arabia Says It Won’t Oversupply the Global Oil Market

Saudi Arabia rejected concerns that it’s planning to oversupply global oil markets and said it will actually trim crude exports next month. Under pressure from U.S. President Donald Trump to cool rallying prices, the kingdom bolstered production by the most in three years last month, pumping almost 10.5 million barrels a day. Yet it signaled on Thursday that it won’t go any further for now, saying exports this month will be “roughly equal” to June, and will drop by 100,000 barrels a day in August. “Saudi Arabia only exports barrels that are earmarked to match confirmed lifting requests by end users, and does not try to push oil into the market beyond its customers’ needs,” the Energy Ministry said in a statement, citing Saudi Arabia’s liaison to OPEC, Adeeb Al-Aama. Oil prices reversed losses, rising briefly above $70 a barrel in New ...

Global Population Growth Ceased In 1988…Population Has Only Grown Older Since Then thumbnail Global Population Growth Ceased In 1988…Population Has Only Grown Older Since Then
The world stopped growing about 1988... and has only grown older since. Global births, per five ...
Wind Energy Is Getting Cheaper And Cheaper thumbnail Wind Energy Is Getting Cheaper And Cheaper
Who would have thought wind’s transformation from subsidy-supported to self-financing power source would happen ...
OPEC To Rule Oil Markets Till Peak Demand thumbnail OPEC To Rule Oil Markets Till Peak Demand
More than a decade ago, China overtook the U.S. as the world's biggest carbon ...
Kunstler: Twelve Ham Sandwiches with Russian Dressing thumbnail Kunstler: Twelve Ham Sandwiches with Russian Dressing
So, former FBI lawyer Lisa Page declined to testify before a congressional committee because ...

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