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"It is not possible to continue infinite consumption and infinite population growth on a finite planet.”
-- Michael Ruppert, WSJ, 4/11/09


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Natural Gas Vehicles – It’S The Old Problem Of Chicken And Egg thumbnail

Natural Gas Vehicles – It’S The Old Problem Of Chicken And Egg

For those of us who follow these things, the glut of articles regarding natural gas as a better alternative for commercial vehicles continues to come at a fast and furious rate.  But, there is a chicken and egg thing here.  You need the infrastructure to retail the fuel before you will see vehicles, but you won’t get the vehicles without the infrastructure.  So if this is such a good idea how do we make this marriage happen? Stick with me, we’ll get to that in a moment. Let’s talk about the why first.  Natural gas is the cleanest of the fossil fuels and by switching to it in our commercial diesel vehicles, the air quality, especially in our communities, can be improved immediately.  There are lower pollutants, toxins and even noise (natural gas engines run quieter than diesels).  The cost of ...

Is population growth really a bad thing? thumbnail

Is population growth really a bad thing?

The debate around population growth and its risks has raged for over two centuries. Economist Thomas Malthus was the first to predict that rapid population growth during the Industrial Revolution would bring starvation and death to his native England due to dwindling food resources. History proved him wrong, but Malthus' argument is still very much alive now that the world population has surpassed the 7 billion mark and is expected to grow to 9 or 10 billion by 2050, according to United Nations projections. With climate change finally sinking in as a reality in people's minds, experts are concerned living conditions will become unsustainable if the world population continues to grow at the current pace. So what is the right way to go about this? Many say we need to bring the numbers down - halt, or at least slow, population growth. A new documentary ...


Peak Oil: Energy Supply Nonsense 2

This is the second half of my observations about a recent addition to the endless parade of hide-most-of-the-facts nonsense from oil industry cheerleaders. The first part is here. The subject matter is an article * published a few weeks ago by Gene Epstein, entitled “Here Comes $75 Oil” in Barron’s. This one was a gold mine of right-wing Happy Talk and tactics more routine than not: light on facts; big on hype; no context, while avoiding discussions of any consequences—potential or certain. I’m only one of many who have raised similar concerns and asked the same questions: Keeping citizens uninformed (if not entirely unaware) of not just the facts but an understanding about consequences isn’t exactly a noble, integrity-laden pursuit. So why keep doing so? What’s the reason? Who benefits? (Hint: very, very few of us … very few.) If you ...


Exxon Finds Tapping Device On UK Oil Pipeline

Exxon Mobil said it found a tapping device on a UK oil products pipeline following reports that a stash of diesel had been discovered that police said had been siphoned off by thieves. "The Esso Midline pipeline is secure and there has been no leak of product," Exxon, known as Esso in the UK, said in a statement on Tuesday. "The pipeline was closed as a precaution following the discovery of the fuel store." "Esso is committed to the very highest standards of safety, and our specialists are now working to remove the tapping device and repair and test the pipeline and restore it to normal operations as soon as possible." rigzone

General Ideas

Peak Oil, Sustainability and the Transition to a Post-Carbon Economy in the Republic of Ireland

In the context of the uncertainties that exist in the global energy market, this paper aims to expose the practical and theoretical inadequacies of the R.O.I government in dealing with the social and economic threats associated with the advent of peak oil. Drawing on the literature on peak oil and the statistical data related to the energy sector in Ireland, I will demonstrate the level of economic vulnerability that the country has in relation to peak oil. This paper argues that the government’s energy policy is theoretically misguided, while also representing a practically inadequate attempt to achieve its stated objective of “ promoting sustainability in the supply and use of energy.”  This paper exposes the hollowness of the government’s rhetoric in relation to energy policy and points to an alternative approach. In particular, I suggest that policy in a post-carbon energy ...

Crossing Over the Rubicon: R.I.P. Michael C. Ruppert thumbnail

Crossing Over the Rubicon: R.I.P. Michael C. Ruppert

Sunday, April 13, after finishing what would be his last, The Lifeboat Hour, radio show, whistle-blower, activist, author, American hero, Michael C. Ruppert, allegedly shot himself, taking his own life. Getting the News A close friend and colleague, Carolyn Baker, Ph. D., posted a notice on her FaceBook wall informing Ruppert’s friends, fans and followers of his death, assuring everyone that his suicide was not a “fake”; her message, in part, reads… “Sunday night following Mike’s Lifeboat Hour radio show, he was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. This was not a “fake” suicide. It was very well planned by Mike who gave us few clues but elaborate instructions for how to proceed without him.” You can read Carolyn’s statement in its entirety here. Is It True? Unfortunately, Michael’s death is neither rumor nor Internet hoax. Wesley Miller, Michael’s attorney and business partner at Collapse Net,  told me he confirmed Michael’s death with Napa County Sheriff’s Office Monday afternoon ...

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NTSB head: Oil tanker rail ‘safety has been compromised’ thumbnail

NTSB head: Oil tanker rail ‘safety has been compromised’

The recent spate of accidents in the U.S. and Canada involving trains carrying crude oil demonstrates that “far too often, safety has been compromised,” the head of the top U.S. transportation safety agency said today. The amount of crude oil transported on railroads — shipments that frequently pass through the Chicago area — has more than quadrupled since 2005, and some of it is especially volatile, said National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Deborah Hersman. That extra volatility increases the likelihood of a violent fire in a derailment, Hersman said. The transport of ethanol, the most frequently shipped hazardous material in the railway system, has also boomed, she said. “With so much flammable liquid carried by rail, it is incumbent upon the rail industry, shippers, and regulators to ensure that these hazardous materials are being moved safely,” Hersman said.  She spoke in Washington D.C. ...

Be Thankful On Earth Day For Oil & Gas thumbnail

Be Thankful On Earth Day For Oil & Gas

Today is Earth Day, the annual celebration of Mother Earth and all she provides to us. So I just wanted to spend a few moments and words here urging you all to take time out of your busy days to thank Mother Earth for the following: Thank Mother Earth for giving us the natural gas that heats millions of our homes, provides many gigawatts of abundant and affordable electricity, and cooks billions of meals around the planet each and every day; Thank Mother Earth for the gasoline that powers your automobiles, the jet fuel that enables millions of Americans to travel to other cities, states and countries at a moment’s notice, the butane and propane that fuel millions of homes and outdoor grills, and the oil that lubricates the engines that power the world; Thank Mother Earth for the natural gas that provides feedstock for ...

Most Americans don’t know where their oil comes from thumbnail

Most Americans don’t know where their oil comes from

You can hardly blame Americans for believing that the vast majority of our oil imports come from the Middle East. Ever since the 1973 oil crisis, when Middle Eastern countries refused to sell oil to the United States as punishment for backing Israel in that year's Arab-Israeli war, the American political conversation has dominated by calls for "weening ourselves off of MidEast oil." What most Americans don't know is that we've mostly succeeded. The University of Texas, as part of its annual energy poll, asked Americans where they think US oil comes from. A staggering 58 percent of Americans think that our top source of foreign oil is Saudi Arabia and another 15 percent say it's Iraq — nearly three quarters of Americans. Meanwhile, only a tiny share — 15 percent of Americans — think we get most of our oil ...


‘Saudi America’: Mirage?

At a time when Russia is saber-rattling and the Middle East is in turmoil, a welcome geopolitical trifecta could be in the making. The United States is poised to surpass Saudi Arabia and Russia as the world’s top oil producer. Canada’s oil sands have vaulted the country to energy superpower status. Mexico is embarking on a historic constitutional energy overhaul that its president promises will propel the country’s economy. And there is no shortage of cheerleaders. “The North American production outlook is incredibly bright,” said Jason Bordoff, a former senior energy adviser in President Obama’s White House. “Everything we see on the ground suggests reasons to be optimistic.” But as bright as the future may appear, energy executives and other experts say it is time for a reality check before declaring energy independence for the United States and its continent. Gushing oil ...

The Peak Oil Concernist Dilemma thumbnail The Peak Oil Concernist Dilemma
Here's where my head is at. Life's nice at the top of the mountain. For ...
Consumption Food shortage could occur within 40 years
Less than 40 years. That’s all the time available to try to find a ...
Is The US Military Preparing For The Collapse Of The Dollar? thumbnail Is The US Military Preparing For The Collapse Of The Dollar?
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It almost happened in 2008... but as this excerpt from Casey Research's Meltdown America ...
Peak Oil is Here thumbnail Peak Oil is Here
Discussions I've seen of peak oil focus upon it as an issue in geology: ...

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