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Potential oil window is last gasp for Utica Shale

  Jim McKinney, senior vice president and general manager from EnerVest, a Houston-based company, said his company believes that with changes in drilling techniques, activity will increase in the oil-rich northern part of the Utica Shale, which includes Trumbull County. “When companies first drilled, they were using the same techniques they were using in the dry- and wet-gas areas of the Utica,” he said. EnerVest has found in Tuscarawas and Guernsey counties that by using more water and sand in the fracking process, there can be success in the oil-rich portions of the Utica, McKinney said. “Oil has different molecules than gas,” he said. Companies were using 200 feet to 250 feet spacing between injections, but for the oil area it needs to be shorter, about 150 feet, McKinney said. “It allows the oil to move more freely toward the well bore,” he said. If the tests ...


Oil ‘super spike’ is coming

Another bad day for traders bullish on energy as WTI crude oil slid 2%, hitting its lowest level since January. Across the pond Brent crude traded at its lowest level in almost 14th months. From the heady days of mid-2008 when it traded at nearly $150 a barrel, crude oil has had quite a rocky ride. After sliding down to the $30s and rallying back around $120, crude has settled in around the $90 to $110 range for the past two years. Commodity traders and analysts have wondered why oil hasn’t gone higher. Geopolitical tensions abound across the world; the Middle East seemingly hasn’t been this unstable in years. In fact, some believe the commodity could actually go lower. Blake Morrow posits that with North American production rising, vehicles becoming more efficient, and crude oil’s inability to rally with global equities, all signs ...

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Public Policy

Alaska Oil Tax Repeal Measure Losing

Sarah Palin Favored Reverting to the Oil Tax Structure She Signed into Law in 2007 An Alaska ballot measure to repeal a 2013 oil tax law that drastically cut the amount major oil companies in the state pay was losing early Wednesday morning. The referendum was losing by a 52.1% to 47.9% margin, with 80% of precincts reporting results, but it was still too close to call, according to the Associated Press. The No on One campaign opposed the measure to revive oil tax policies enacted under former Gov. Sarah Palin. The state's Republican and business establishments waged a $15 million campaign—funded in large part by three oil companies—to defeat the question. Willis Lyford, a spokesman for the No on One campaign, said he expected that the results would hold and the measure be defeated once all the votes were counted. Outspent by more than ...

Peak Oil & Climate Change Solutions: Permaculture thumbnail

Peak Oil & Climate Change Solutions: Permaculture

http://localfuture.org Permaculture or "permanent culture" offers an opportunity to address climate change, peak oil, and financial instability. Permaculture educator Nathan Ayers explains the roots of permaculture, how it addresses peak oil and climate change, its connection to transition towns and sustainability, and the guiding permaculture principles. This is part two of two of a 30-minute presentation titled "Permaculture and our Energy Conscious Future: From Consumers to Producers" by Nathan Ayers. Nathan Ayers's permaculture talk was recorded in high definition at the International Conference on Sustainability: Energy, Economy & Environment organized by Local Future and directed by Aaron Wissner. http://sustainabilityconference.org

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A New Frontier for Fracking: Drilling Near the Arctic Circle

Hydraulic fracturing is about to move into the Canadian Arctic, with companies exploring the region's rich shale oil deposits. But many indigenous people and conservationists have serious concerns about the impact of fracking in more fragile northern environments. Among the dozens of rivers that flow unfettered through the Canadian North, the Natla and the Keele may be the most picturesque and culturally important. They are especially significant to the Dene people of the Sahtu region, which straddles the Arctic Circle in the Northwest Territories. Both of the rivers flow crystal clear out of the Mackenzie Mountains along the Yukon/Northwest Territories border before coming together in their final course to the Mackenzie River. Photo credit: Conoco-Phillips. A Conoco-Phillips shale oil fracking site in the Sahtu region of Canada's Northwest Territories. For hundreds — if not thousands — of years, the Mountain Dene people have ...


Islamic State may be smuggling its oil to export markets

Iraq said on Wednesday it was troubled by reports that Islamic State militants were smuggling oil to export markets and warned the purchase of such supplies could help the group fund its operations. Iraq reiterated that only the Ministry of Oil was authorized to carry out sales - an apparent swipe at the Kurdish region - and buyers who dealt with other parties risked punishment such as sanctions. Islamic State has seized five oil fields in the north since it arrived in June from Syria, prompting Iraq's U.S.-funded soldiers to flee. www.orlandosentinel.com

Thousands Of Gallons Of Oil Spill Into Ohio River Upstream Of Cincinnati thumbnail

Thousands Of Gallons Of Oil Spill Into Ohio River Upstream Of Cincinnati

Lately it is not just trains blowing up across the country in the ongoing effort to prove just how safer rail transport is for crude oil transit compared to pipelines: as citizens of Cincinatti found out this morning, their drinking water may come with an added kick after thousands of gallons of diesel fuel spilled out onto the Ohio River after an incident at a power plant early Tuesday. According to WCPO, the Coast Guard said it estimated about 8,000 gallons of fuel spilled out from Duke Energy’s W.C. Beckjord power station outside of Cincinnati. The bad news for Ohians, especially those living in Cincinatti, is that the spill took place upstream, and rather close to the city: The spill was first reported at about 12:20 a.m. Tuesday. The plant is about 20 miles southeast but upstream of Cincinnati. Duke Energy later ...


Raymond James Labels Dry Holes a ’20th Century Problem’

The relentless escalation in well productivity is proving as impactful to exploration and production (E&P) operators as are commodity prices, say analysts with Raymond James & Associates Inc. The production growth largely has been credited to the discovery of new resources and the elevated rig count, noted analysts John Freeman, J. Marshall Adkins and Praveen Nara. But that's not necessarily the headline. "The bigger driver is the fact that, on a per-well basis, production rates have continued to move higher in almost every formation where horizontal drilling is being applied," said the trio. "This more important part of the story is clearly evident" based on recent initial production (IP) rate trends for several horizontal plays, including the Bakken, Eagle Ford and Marcellus shales. Most attention each day is given to commodity prices and now they drive production and E&P value because the price ...

General Ideas

Peak Oil: Maddening

Those of us paying attention to oil supply issues are on occasion torn by decisions as to whether to simply be amused by the maddening, cherry-picked attempts at analysis of the “myth” of peak oil [similar to the myth of gravity], or  just annoyed as hell that even the simplest concepts are either lied about or are so baffling to the anti-fact crowds that their only option is to nonetheless display their lack of understanding by passing along nonsense and misleading pseudo-facts to an unsuspecting public. Example # 2,478,901: In his 2005 New York Times best-selling book Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy , renowned oil analyst Matthew Simmons outlined his belief that Saudi Arabia’s giant Ghawar oil field would soon begin a terminal decline that would result in permanently falling global oil production…. However, what ...

Italy: the story of the donkey and the economist thumbnail

Italy: the story of the donkey and the economist

Italy's "Energy Efficiency" plotted as a ratio of the GDP (constant dollars) to the energy consumption (data from the World Bank) There is an old story in Italy (but also in other Mediterranean regions) that tells of a man who tried to train his donkey to work without food. So, he gradually reduced the beast's daily ration of hay. Later on, the man reported that, unfortunately, the donkey had died just when it had learned to go without any food at all. The man of the story must have been an economist. He was trying to optimize the system and he had defined the "efficiency" of the donkey as the ratio of the work performed divided by the amount of hay consumed. He had found that reducing the amount of hay improved efficiency and, with impeccable logic, had brought the idea to ...

Jessy Re’s Eulogy to Mike Ruppert thumbnail Jessy Re’s Eulogy to Mike Ruppert
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Jessy Re's Eulogy to Mike Ruppert, Portland OR May 17, 2014 While we intend to ...
How Badly Is the Wave and Tidal Industry Struggling? thumbnail How Badly Is the Wave and Tidal Industry Struggling?
Read this headline from the BBC and try to guess what year the story was ...
The thick façade of civilization thumbnail The thick façade of civilization
Most of the sky was clear and starry, but ten miles out to sea ...
Thoughts on Israel’s Natural Gas Policies thumbnail Thoughts on Israel’s Natural Gas Policies
The Israeli government's energy policy serves to transfer national wealth into private hands. By ...

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